Instructions on how khổng lồ create USB Boot Multiboot Full with 1 Clichồng MultiBoot v5.0, Boot both UEFI and Legacy are extremely simple.

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Perhaps integrating the rescue tool kit into the USB lớn install or recover data of the PC - Laptop is not too strange. However, with the introduction of data standards of the new hard drive sầu such as UEFI - GPT, the software for checking the device"s access & output have sầu to be changed, namely the UEFI standard has been released. Life gradually replaced Legacy Btiện ích ios.

Learn some BIOS standards

Before starting khổng lồ create this holy USB Boot, please prepare a little knowledge.

Create USB Boot to lớn rescue repair computer software, there are countless types. However, you must understvà why we need to create USB Boot for both UEFI and Legacy standards without creating other simple DLC boot kits.

You can quickly scroll khổng lồ the kết thúc of the article to lớn find the download link if you know all, but I still should read this analysis carefully, if there is a problem, you can fix it yourself.

What are UEFI & Legacy standards?

Put simply, it"s the interface that appears before your "loading windows" screen runs. This software checks the đầu vào & output devices of your computer, such as hard drives, keyboards, mice, etc., as a bridge between the Windows software và all hardware devices.

Bachồng to the UEFI and Legacy standards, this is a software available on the motherboard so we can vị nothing but "choose" to go baông chồng and forth between these two standards, only the new motherboard will have lớn choose.

Legacy: Often called the traditional BIOS (Basic Input Output đầu ra system), this software is stored on the computer"s motherboard. It is a danh mục of instructions for running devices khổng lồ start the computer"s OS.

When the computer is turned on, Legacy is run first, it checks the RAM and processor on your computer. Then check the devices attached on the computer such as printers, keyboards, mice . finally boot options such as CD-ROM, hard drive, USB, LAN .

UEFI ( Unified Extensible Firmware Inter ): Uses no different from its predecessor, Legacy BIOS , UEFI was developed with the purpose of solving weaknesses compared to lớn its predecessors, operating strongly & gradually replacing. replace the Legacy BIOS standard . Support for 64-bit versions of Windows và from Windows 8 and above sầu. The UEFI standard sometimes supports 32-bit editions.

UEFI is supposed khổng lồ boot significantly faster, but I find it still not quite right, mostly because of whether you have a strong configuration or not.

What are standard MBR và GPT hard drives?

Generally the characteristics of these two standards are the same, both are the information management standard of the hard drive, only different from the time of launch, speed and memory.

MBR GPT Born in 1983 at the same time as IBM PS DOS 2.0 MBR - Master Boot Record. Until 20trăng tròn, it is still quite popular. Born in 2010 GPT stands for of GUID Partition Table. This is a new standard, gradually replacing the MBR standard. The GPT standard does not have sầu the same limitations as the MBR, but it is not very comtháng. High compatibility with other hardware such as mainboard, supports all Windows operating systems from the old lớn the lakiểm tra GPT standard can tư vấn hard drives up to 256 TB and allows the use of up khổng lồ 128 partitions on the drive sầu. Only support up lớn 2 TB capađô thị. Create up to 4 partitions on a hard drive. For example, create 4 partitions of C, D, E, F . Compatibility with old software is poor, on GPT hard drive, you can only install 64-bit operating systems


Let"s return khổng lồ two questions:

Why is it necessary lớn create USB Boot for both UEFI and Legacy standards?What happens when using UEFI - GPT USB Boot plugged into lớn a PC that has Legacy - MBR standard?

Yes, with the above sầu documents, you probably have sầu the answer, surely the motherboard will not recognize your USB, so you have sầu to create another USB boot using the standard Boot Legacy - MBR.

This article will help you not khổng lồ buy more USB khổng lồ create 2 different types of boot, no matter what your computer is, you will still be able to lớn boot inlớn all.

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How khổng lồ create USB BOOT with 1 Cliông chồng MultiBoot v5.0

Advantages - Uses of the software:

Boot support for both Legacy và UEFI standards.Full tư vấn for a computer technician . specialized in ghost walking, for example, the latest update in 2020Create a USB boot with one clichồng & you"re doneAutomatically divide USB into lớn 2 partitions including:The partition contains the Boot Menu data.Multiboot name partition is empty with the kích cỡ you choose, NTFS format for you to comfortably store data lượt thích a regular USB. (The maximum form size of each file is not limited as the Fat32 format - only supports a maximum of files under 4GB).

Tools khổng lồ prepare:

Proceed khổng lồ install:

Step 1: Insert the USB disk you need to create into lớn your computer, in this article, I use a Kingston DataTraveler 3.0 USB with a capacity of 16GB.

* Note : Bachồng up all data on USB before doing, because when doing data in USB will be erased.

Step 2 : After downloading, extract the password:

The toolkit includes 3 after unpacking the following file: bootice.exe pháo, Multiboot 5.0.isovà Run.exe pháo.


Step 3 : To start creating, run the file Run.exewith Administrator privileges.

Step 4 : After running the tệp tin with Administrator privileges, the software will appear 1 Click Multiboot 5.0 2019 asking for the USB disk number you want to create. In my article USB is at position 3, so enter 3 & press Enter to continue.


Step 5: Wait.


The process of creating the Boot Menu starts, including deleting, partitioning và formatting the USB disk, unpacking và copying the contents of the Multiboot_5.0.iso tệp tin lớn the USB disk, etc.

The software will complete and cthất bại on its own.

Step 6: Next we use bootice.exe pháo included with the toolkit 1 Click MultiBoot v5.0 to check the partition of the USB disk after creating.

Right-click on the bootice.exerun tệp tin with Administrator privileges



If you see the tool has divided the USB disk into 2 partitions as required is successful. So complete the USB rescue rescue computer with 1 Cliông chồng MultiBoot toolkit v5.0.


MultiBoot v5.0 20trăng tròn User Guide

Restart the computer, press the key to activate Boot Options ( for example, HP.. machine press F9, DELL machine press F12, . ), select USB boot into LEGACY or UEFI mode.