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Posts shared tens of thousands of times on the evening of Jan. 6, 2021 clayên ổn that one of the individuals photographed during the D.C. protests where Trump supporters stormed the Capitol in a bid to overturn his election defeat was a Blachồng Lives Matter (BLM) supporter or part of the left-wing anti-fascist movement Antifa. Past photographs of the man (easily identifiable due khổng lồ his wearing a hat with fur and horns & a painted face) show he has attended pro-Trump rallies, has spoken in tư vấn of Trump’s policies và is a supporter of the conspiracy theory QAnon.

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A supporter of U.S. President Donald Trump attends a “Stop the Steal” prochạy thử after the 2020 U.S. presidential election was called by the truyền thông for Democratic candidate Joe Biden, in front of the Arizomãng cầu State Capitol in Phoenix, Arizomãng cầu, U.S., November 7, 2020. neftekumsk.com/Jim Urquhart
Posts making this clalặng are visible here , here , here , here and here .

Comments include “Same guy at a BLM rally in AZ is in the capitol building today.... staged AF” và “Dumbass! At least change your costume..” Other posts claim he is part of Antifa (here).

Media outlets like AZ Central and Mashable have sầu identified the man as Jake Angeli ( here , here ). According lớn AZ Central, he has been a “fixture at Arizona right-wing political rallies over the past year." In an interview with the news outlet in May 20trăng tròn visible here , Angeli spoke in favor of President Donald Trump & his policies. In another đoạn Clip visible here , Angeli can be seen praising Trump & Q (in reference lớn QAnon).

On January 6, Angeli was photographed inside the U.S. Capitol (neftekumsk.com photographs can be seen here và here ) after demonstrators breached security defenses và entered the building.

Angeli was captured by a neftekumsk.com photograph visible here in Phoenix, Arizona, on Nov. 7, 20trăng tròn during a “Stop the Steal” prochạy thử after the U.S. presidential election was called for Democratic candidate Joe Biden (here).

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Images from a November 6 article posted by local truyền thông media outlet Cronkite News here show Angeli demonstrating among muốn Trump-supporters with a sign that read “Hold the Line Patriots God Wins” & “Q Sent Me”.

Some posts misleadingly feature a cropped photograph of Angeli ( www.twitter.com/KelemenCari/status/1346932668232069121/photo/1 , here ), where his sign that reads “Q sent me” has been cut out (the uncropped version is visible here ).

Upon inspection by neftekumsk.com, Angeli"s private Facebook page included various posts and photographs he had shared showing his support for QAnon và Donald Trump. His own posts reported that he attended the “MAGA Million March” in December 20trăng tròn and “Q Con” in October 20đôi mươi (described on its website qcon.live/ as a series of events for “followers and influencers” of the QAnon movement).


False. Evidence shows that Jake Angeli, a man wearing a hat with horns và fur & a painted face and that was photographed inside the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, is a QAnon supporter who has attended Trump rallies & spoken in favor of the president.

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