A360 desktop download

Autodesk A360 is a cloud-based workspace that centralizes, connects and organizes your team and project information across your desktop, the web, and Smartphone devices.

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Autodesk recommends that you update to lớn most recent version of A360 desktop khổng lồ take advantage of the lachạy thử performance enhancements and bug fixes. A360 Desktop is currently supported on Mac and Microsoft Windows 7 and above.

To identify your current version of A360 desktop on Windows, ensure that A360 desktop is running & you are signed in;

Right-click on the A360 desktop inhỏ in the system tray. Select"Preferences" to lớn see the version number. If you are running version 5.0 and above sầu, you should be receiving notification updates via Live sầu Update.

Note:Versions below 5.0 are no longer supported và should be uninstalled or updated.

Note: If A360 Desktop is already installed on your machine, you don’t need to lớn uninstall it and then install new version. Instead, you should upgrade either through live sầu update or by installing the new version on top of the older one.

Ensure you cchiến bại all applications before installing và restart your machine after installing. Be sure khổng lồ install the correct update (32-bit or 64-bit) for your operating system.

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A360 desktop Windows Updater – Windows 7 & above:

Windows 32-bit installer - A360 desktop Version 9.1 (exe pháo - 373MB)
Windows 64-bit installer - A360 desktop Version 9.1 (exe cộ - 409MB)

With the current version of A360 you"ll benefit from new the following features:

2D & 3D Viewer:Web-based viewing of models & drawings brings rich visualization right in a browser. Support for over 50 file formats.
Real Time Review:Communicate & get feedbaông chồng from your project stakeholders in real-time. Turn your design files into lớn intelligent, shared workspaces with A360. Invite others khổng lồ bình luận right within your design files.
Design Metadata:See design & drawing references directly through the thành tựu overview, facilitating distributed thiết kế.
Smartphone Access:Access your projects from your điện thoại thông minh or tablet with the A360 điện thoại phầm mềm available for iOS and Android.

With many more benefits, A360 offers a complete set of features keeping your project at the center và connecting everyone in one workspace.