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Accreditation is a reviews process to determine if educational programs meet defined standards of quality. Once achieved, accreditation is not permanent—it is renewed periodically lớn ensure that the unique of the educational program is maintained.

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In the United States, academic accreditation is voluntary, decentralized, and carried out by many non-governmental, non-profit organizations. The process of academic accreditation typically culminates in an external unique đánh giá by a team of professional experts from academe or industry. These experts volunteer their time, professional knowledge, & experience lớn this process of quality assurance & ongoing improvement khổng lồ education in their disciplines.

In other countries, accreditation may be required or governmental. The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) provides information about accreditation và chất lượng assurance in countries outside of the United States. accreditation is not a ranking system. It is a size of chất lượng assurance for programs in the areas of applied and natural science, computing, engineering, and engineering công nghệ. Our accreditation is recognized globally as evidence that a program meets the standards mix by its technical profession.

We offer accreditation to programs only, not khổng lồ degrees, departments, colleges, institutions, or individuals. is a federation of member professional and technical societies. These societies and their individual members collaborate through to lớn develop standards of unique, known as Criteria, on which our nhận xét teams base their evaluations of programs under consideration for accreditation.

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The accreditation process typically takes 18 months lớn complete. Programs new to lớn accreditation begin with a formal request for a review. Accreditation: Step-by-Step offers a detailed overview of our accreditation process.

See Eligibility Requirements to determine if accreditation is available for your program. accreditation requires compliance with the criteria, policies, and procedures upon which our reviews is based. Information for Programs Seeking Initial Accreditation answers many frequently-asked-questions for programs and institutions new to accreditation.


If you have questions about the process, criteria, policies, procedures for accreditation, please contact our Accreditation Department.

Programs new lớn accreditation have a required Readiness nhận xét 12–18 months before the on-site visit. Requests for Evaluation are due by 1/31 and Self-Study Reports 7/1, the year of the on-site visit.