I ran a repair on XPhường and after the repair I got a message saying that I needed to lớn activate windows before I can log in.Choosing "No" would sover be back to lớn the login screen and choosing "Yes" would begin khổng lồ load Windows, but only as far as showing me the desktop with no icons.

Bạn đang xem: Windows xp

I was able to lớn fix this problem by starting the PC in safe mode with comm& prompt. I then typed "explorer" inlớn the commvà prompt khổng lồ load Windows. Next I clicked on "Start" - "Run" & in the "Run" box I typed"Rundll32.exe cộ systhiết lập,SetupOobeBnk". This extended my activation khổng lồ 30 days. Even though this extended my activation period, I was still unable to lớn get the activation program to start up.

I fixed that by going into lớn "regedit" and searching for the "wpaevents" folder. I then changed the permissions to lớn include "User" for "Full control". I also went lớn my c: drive sầu và changed the permissions to include "User", "Administrator", & "System" for "Full control". I rebooted the machine and then was able to lớn run Windows activation.

I got all my info from:

Power on the PC và press F8 right before Windows begins to load. Select "Safe mode with command prompt"

Step 2: Run Explorer from the Commvà prompt to lớn start Windows

Once the Commvà prompt loads, type in "explorer" khổng lồ start Windows within Safe mode.

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Step 3: Run "Rundll32.exe pháo syscài đặt,SetupOobeBnk" from the "Run" box.


Now clichồng on "Start" and in the "Run" box type"Rundll32.exe cộ syscài đặt,SetupOobeBnk". Press Enter. This will re-phối activation lớn 30 days


Once more, clichồng on "Start" then go khổng lồ the "Run" box và type in "Regedit". Make sure that in Regedit you are highlighting "My Computer" at the very top. Now go up khổng lồ "Edit" then "Find" and type in "wpaevents" then press Enter. Right clichồng on the "wpaevents" folder and go down lớn "Permissions". Highlight "User" and place a check mark in the box labeled "full control". Click "Apply" và exit regedit.


Now double cliông chồng "My Computer". Right cliông xã the C: drive sầu & go down to lớn "Properties". Now cliông xã on the "Security" tab và modify "User", "Administrator", & "System" so that they all have sầu "Full control". Clichồng "Apply" & reboot the PC.

This How-to lớn is intended to assist in recovering a PC from a faulty repair install. It is not a tutorial on bypassing / extending the Windows activation grace period. I don"t condone piracy, but I also don"t believe in locking a user from their data with faulty control mechanisms.