Airattack 2

When people clayên ổn that gameplay takes precedent above sầu all else, including visual fidelity, I ask, “why not both?" There have sầu been plenty of games that have sầu pushed the envelope in just about every facet imaginable, including the recent Witcher 3 from CD Projekt Red. The same goes for di động titles, which are pushing boundaries far beyond what I thought was initially capable when the App Store first debuted so many years baông xã. We’re starting khổng lồ see full console experiences on portable devices, và AirAttachồng 2 ($0.99) is one such game that doesn’t even feel like it should be possible given the hardware.

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As a shoot ’em up fan, my hunger is insatiable. I’m always searching out new games to play, whether they’re eastern Cave-based shooters or western titles lượt thích Siberian Strike. While I generally prefer danmaku (bullet hell) & frenetic experiences lượt thích Ikaruga, there are plenty of other releases that push all of the right buttons, which includes Art in Games’ lademo project.


The basic concept is simple — players can swipe around the screen khổng lồ move their ship, which automatically fires at opponents. It’s your job khổng lồ avoid fire và get into a more strategic position khổng lồ take out enemies. So in that basic sense, it’s your typical mobile shooter. But once you start lớn really dig past the surface it becomes much more involved. For instance, you can also tap the screen to lớn drop a bomb, which takes out ground targets that your aerial dogfighter can’t otherwise hit. It takes some practice, but with time you’ll be dodging and bombing lượt thích a pro.

Upgrades also significantly alter your playstyle, from wingmen that follow your ship around for some extra firepower, lớn brand new characters that have sầu new mechanics in tow. The tail gunner is another game-changer — a power-up that shifts the viewpoint into lớn first-person. It’s here that the in-game engine is really highlighted, which deserves its own accolade in and of itself. Tilt controls are not currently in (they’re planned for an upcoming update), but the touch-sensitive sầu method works just fine.

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Simply put, AirAttaông chồng 2 is a beautiful game. Foliage is detailed khổng lồ the point where it’s almost overdone, vehicles that often feel like throwaway additions that are cruising throughout the level look pristinely crafted, and the action is so smooth that it’s always easy khổng lồ tell what’s going on at all times. The orchestral soundtraông xã also certainly helps its case, which had me putting on headphones on more than one occasion. Environments tkết thúc lớn crumble when bombed, which is not only impressive sầu on a technical màn chơi, but immensely satisfying — lượt thích your attacks have sầu weight khổng lồ them. I even noticed crazy details lượt thích trees swaying in the wind in the wake of a bomb. In arctic themed levels, said trees even get the snow knocked off of them.


What’s crazy is that on top of all of this, AirAttack 2 is not a free-to-play game. I was actually in disbelief at this when I couldn’t find any IAPhường listed on the App Store page, especially since there are two types of currency — Coins, và Ingots. Like you’d expect, the former is acquired by simply playing the game, and the latter are less frequently earned. In essence, they’re nội dung gates, but feel perfectly inline with many other similar games. If you think baông chồng lớn more retro or old school examples for instance, players would often have to lớn beat the campaign without continuing, or on a specific difficulty lớn unlochồng certain ships or upgrades. That’s basically the same principle here.

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AirAttaông xã 2 handles social elements wonderfully, without putting incessant “Facebook links" to the forefront. Instead, everything is handled by way of leaderboard support, & “challenges," which can earn you bonuses for competing against friends. The same goes for a host of other modes beyond the story, which include daily challenge modes or survival challenges. Although they tend khổng lồ re-use levels, the parameters are completely different, some of which require you to lớn defeat a certain amount of foes with only one-hit remaining.

There’s also a phối of general challenges lớn accomplish across all maps, like “Destroy 50 Lamps." There’s so much lớn bởi vì here that you’ll be playing for hours on over after the core missions are completed. I feel lượt thích the game manages to hit that sweet spot where it’s not overly challenging, but it throws enough at you so that you have sầu khổng lồ work for it. If you aren’t normally inkhổng lồ shooters like this, you should still be relatively fine jumping right in here.

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