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About the Desktop App




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Detailed information regarding the Desktop App.

The desktop phầm mềm is a desktop component that is installed with Microsoft Windows-based products (2017 and later). It delivers sản phẩm updates, new releases, and security patches to subscribers. (NOTE that it is not available for Mac operating systems.)

Note: The desktop app replaced the previous in-product update components và the Application Manager. The Application Manager was discontinued in March năm 2016.

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Using the desktop app:

The Desktop App delivers updates & security patches khổng lồ all 2015 & later versions of Microsoft Windows-based products. Additionally, individual users can tải về full products from this ứng dụng depending if the trương mục administrator restricts the permissions in the associated Account.The Desktop App provides updates based on the status of the licenses. When a hotfix, service paông xã or security patch becomes available, the Desktop App displays an alert in the desktop system tray.Click the links in the notification lớn display details about the update.

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Collection of Usage Information:

The desktop tiện ích collects usage information to lớn help provide a better experience. The collected information is used as described in the Privacy Statement. The following information is collected:

Unique ID – Assigns a unique ID khổng lồ each sản phẩm license. This ID is not associated with a specific person or user profile. Product ID & license type – Specifies which products are used and how they are licensed. Product launch and close time – Indicates when and for how long each product is used. Interactions - Records mouse movements, clicks, và keyboard entries while using the desktop app.

Signing Out:

When signed out of the desktop app:

All other software is also signed out, including desktop products that require signing in. Account details & the Account liên kết are no longer accessible. The sign in information is anonymous. Therefore, tư vấn teams cannot follow up if you have a problem.

Signing out does not prevent the desktop phầm mềm from delivering subscription-only updates.


If you uninstall the desktop phầm mềm and want to lớn reinstall it, you can download it from this site, Desktop App.

The desktop phầm mềm vs. Account

While the desktop app provides a simplified access experience, assigned users can also tải về software và updates from their Account. It is preferable to lớn manage your updates, new product releases, & other benefits through Account if:

You use Mac và Linux operating systems

You manage products with multi-user access (network license) và you need lớn tải về software for deployments

You manage users who vì not have sầu administrative sầu permissions to install their own software or bởi not have direct Internet access