What Is Autokms

AutoKMS is not really a virut, but a hachồng tool downloaded intentionally by most users who try to lớn activate unregistered Microsoft products.In order lớn get rid of it, you can try to uninstall it as you vị with any other application.Windows 10 built-in security option is another solution that can eliminate this program.If this fails, remove the autokms.exe cộ by using one of the best anti-malware software tools.

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4. Perform a deep scan with Windows Defender

Wait for the process to lớn finish.

Follow the instructions above sầu to lớn perform a deep scan with Windows Defender. Your PC will restart and perkhung a thorough tìm kiếm for any malicious software & remove it.

If you need more info on how to lớn perform a full system scan directly from Windows Security Center, don’t hesitate lớn check our dedicated guide.

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After that, you should be in the clear. In addition, it’s your decision whether you’ll uninstall and delete the pirated program or not. But, always have sầu in mind that không tính tiền software tools aren’t always safe.

AutoKMS is only one suspicious piece of pirated software and there are others, much more dangerous files out there, carefully hidden within the installation.

We also recommkết thúc you khổng lồ keep your computer safe by installing a great malware remover tool. If you aren’t sure which is the best, kiểm tra our detailed guide for more information.

What’s your experience with AutoKMS? Tell us in the comments section below.