Bảng Vẽ Điện Tử Xp Pen Star G430S

A 4x3” active sầu area, only 2mm thiông xã, the G430S is as sllặng as all primary cấp độ graphic tablets. Save space on your desk while keeping the same accuracy when playing OSU! Ultra-thin and portable, allowing you hold it in one hand và carry it on the go.

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8192 levels of pressure sensitivity.

Capable of reaching 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity, allowing you to lớn modify, navigate and create with a full pallet of brush & pens.



Battery-free stylus.

The P01 works just lượt thích a real pen, no battery và no charging required, allowing for constant uninterrupted use. Easy lớn operate và holds up khổng lồ the tempo of the game.

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Work Faster.

The Report Rate of the G430S has increased to lớn 233 RPS, to make lines flow smoother and perform better, working faster & more efficiently.

Both right and left hvà use.

Designed for both right và left h& users, now you can mix it to left hand or right hand mode through easy access. Remove sầu all limitations & mix out to what you want khổng lồ be!

OSU! Assistant!

Designed for OSU! gamers! No need to lớn install our driver software to use the tablet for OSU! Battery miễn phí, sensitive sầu brush, allowing you khổng lồ play with music & enjoy the game.

Compatible with Most Operating System and Applications.

Linux OSVersionPackage FormatSupported Software
ArchArch Linux2019.12.01(64-bit).deb, .shGIMPhường, Krita
CentosCentos7.0(64-bit).rpm, .shGIMP
Centos8(64-bit).rpm, .shGIMPhường, Krita
Debiandebian-9.5.0-amd64-netinst(64-bit).deb, .shGIMP, Krita
elementary OSelementary OS 5.0(64-bit).deb, .shGIMPhường, Krita
ezgo Linuxezgo14(64-bit).deb, .shGIMPhường, Krita
FedoraFedora32(64-bit).rpm, .shGIMPhường, Krita
MageiaMageia-7.1(64-bit).rpm, .shGIMPhường, Krita
Manjaromanjaro-xfce-trăng tròn.1.2-201019(64-bit).deb, .shGIMP
Mintlinuxmint-18.2-cinnamon-64bit.deb, .shGIMPhường, Krita
OpenSUSEopenSUSE-Tumbleweed(64-bit).rpm, .shGIMPhường, Krita
Pop!_OSpop-os_19.10(64-bit).deb, .shGIMPhường, Krita
Red HatRed Hat7(64-bit).rpm, .shGIMP
UbuntuUbuntu14.04(64-bit).deb, .shGIMPhường., Krita
Ubuntu16.04(64-bit).deb, .shGIMP, Krita
Ubuntu17.04(64-bit).deb, .shGIMPhường, Krita
Ubuntu18.04(64-bit).deb, .shGIMPhường, Krita
Ubuntu19.04(64-bit).deb, .shGIMPhường, Krita
Ubuntu20.04(64-bit).deb, .shGIMPhường, Krita
FunctionKrita 4.3.0Gimp 2.10.20Inkscape 0.92
Pen Pressure Sensitivity
Mouse Function
Eraser Button(Stylus:PH01, P06)
Switch between Penvà Eraser Modes
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