Bảng vẽ xp pen star g640

Enjoy the light weight & sleek thiết kế of the new G640. The G640 is only 2mm thiông chồng, it’s as slyên ổn as all primary màn chơi graphic tablets, allowing you khổng lồ carry it with you on the go.

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Wider active sầu area

Compare to the G430, the G640 provides a wider active area for drawing & gameplay! Down khổng lồ the position of the USB cable, the G640 is designed khổng lồ fit your drawing and playing lifestyle.



8192 levels of pressure sensitivity.

8192 levels of pressure sensitivity, giving it the intelligence to lớn modify, navigate and create with a full pallet of brush and pens.


Work Faster.

The Report Rate of the G640 has increased khổng lồ 233 RPS, khổng lồ make lines flow smoother và persize better, working faster và efficiently.

Both right and left hvà use.

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Designed for both right và left hand users, now you can set it khổng lồ left hvà or right h& mode through easy access.

osu! Assistant

Special for osu! gamer! Battery free, sensitive brush, allowing you khổng lồ play with music & enjoy the game.

Igiảm giá for your website conferencing or distance learning.

Simultaneous digital inking with an XPPen graphics tablet compatible with Microsoft Office apps lượt thích Word, PowerPoint, Onechú ý và more. Visually present your handwritten notes và signatures precisely – igiảm giá khuyến mãi for your website conferencing or online teaching needs.

Engage, inspire, and immerse students và attendees lượt thích never before.

Teachers and speakers can create and explain interactive sầu content visually by writing, editing, và annotating directly in files và sharing their screen in real time while streaming, broadcasting, or website conferencing. This flexibility allows the flow of creative ideas and the problem-solving process to be presented intuitively và efficiently.

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Compatible with most Operating Systems & applications.

Linux OSVersionPackage FormatSupported Software
ArchArch Linux2019.12.01(64-bit).deb, .shGIMPhường., Krita
CentosCentos7.0(64-bit).rpm, .shGIMP
Centos8(64-bit).rpm, .shGIMPhường, Krita
Debiandebian-9.5.0-amd64-netinst(64-bit).deb, .shGIMP, Krita
elementary OSelementary OS 5.0(64-bit).deb, .shGIMP, Krita
ezgo Linuxezgo14(64-bit).deb, .shGIMPhường, Krita
FedoraFedora32(64-bit).rpm, .shGIMP., Krita
MageiaMageia-7.1(64-bit).rpm, .shGIMPhường, Krita
Manjaromanjaro-xfce-trăng tròn.1.2-201019(64-bit).deb, .shGIMP
Mintlinuxmint-18.2-cinnamon-64bit.deb, .shGIMPhường, Krita
OpenSUSEopenSUSE-Tumbleweed(64-bit).rpm, .shGIMP, Krita
Pop!_OSpop-os_19.10(64-bit).deb, .shGIMPhường, Krita
Red HatRed Hat7(64-bit).rpm, .shGIMP
UbuntuUbuntu14.04(64-bit).deb, .shGIMPhường, Krita
Ubuntu16.04(64-bit).deb, .shGIMP, Krita
Ubuntu17.04(64-bit).deb, .shGIMP, Krita
Ubuntu18.04(64-bit).deb, .shGIMP, Krita
Ubuntu19.04(64-bit).deb, .shGIMPhường., Krita
Ubuntu20.04(64-bit).deb, .shGIMPhường, Krita
FunctionKrita 4.3.0Gimp 2.10.20Inkscape 0.92
Pen Pressure Sensitivity
Mouse Function
Eraser Button(Stylus:PH01, P06)
Switch between Penand Eraser Modes
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