How To Enable Dark Mode On Facebook iOS, Android và Web Facebook has a dark mode option that is easier on the eyes & can save a device"s battery. It can be enabled on the website, iOS, or Android.

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Like many other services, Facebook offers a dark mode for iOS, Android, & the website that switches out dark text on a bright background for light text on a dark background. Dark modes are easier on the eyes, especially at nighttime, và can also help lớn reduce điện thoại thông minh & máy tính battery use. However, some Facebook may have trouble locating the feature and figuring out how khổng lồ use it.

Not that long ago, it wasn"t common khổng lồ have a dark mode on apps or websites. Many of them displayed a stark white background và no way to lớn change it — và that"s just how things were for a long time. Thankfully, that"s all in the past! Just about every major ứng dụng has a dark mode today, including the likes of YouTube, Google Maps, Twitter, Instagram, and more. Even Android and iOS have system-wide dark modes built inlớn them!

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Whether you"re using Facebook on the web or via one of its thiết bị di động apps, changing the dark mode settings is simple. Web users need lớn visit the Facebook homepage and look for the downward-pointing arrow button in the top right corner. Clicking this will open a drop-down thực đơn in which there is a "Display và Accessibility" option. Clicking that will pull up another thực đơn with a "Dark Mode" setting. Cliông xã the "On" toggle to enable dark mode and cliông xã "Off" lớn disable it. This thực đơn can be accessed no matter where you are on Facebook, so feel miễn phí lớn toggle it on/off as often as you see fit.

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iOS users, meanwhile, should open the Facebook app & look for the "Menu" button (that looks like three horizontal lines) in the bottom right corner. Tap that and then look at the top of the screen và tap the Settings icon in the top right corner (it looks like a gear cog). Scroll down the page, tap "Dark Mode" under the Preferences section, và choose how you want to use the feature. Users can set it to On or Off just like on the desktop site, but there"s also a third option called "System." When mix to the System option, the Facebook phầm mềm will enable and disable its dark mode in accordance with the iPhone"s system-wide dark mode.

The process is mostly the same for Android users, but they should look for the Menu button in the top right corner rather than at the bottom. Once tapped, the process is identical. Tap the Settings gear ibé, tap "Dark Mode," and then choose from one of the three options: On, Off, or Use system settings.

And that"s all there is khổng lồ it! If you have an iPhone or Android device and aren"t sure how khổng lồ use the system-wide dark mode, doing so is quite easy. On iPhone, open the Settings tiện ích, scroll down, tap "Display và Brightness," và you"ll find the dark mode options at the top of the screen. The steps on Android can vary depending on which phone you have sầu, but in general, dark mode settings should be accessible by opening the Settings tiện ích & tapping on the "Display" option.