Blood brothers 2: strategy rpg for android

Blood Brothers 2 is a strategy RPG released by DeNA. It’s the sequel to lớn the acclaimed Blood Brothers game that amassed over ten million downloads during its run. It’s a strategy RPG with some Boss collection elements & a bit of online multiplayer thrown in. It was a fairly solid game already but DeNA recently released a huge update to lớn make it even better. Let’s take a look.


Game Play

For those who have sầu never played the game before, here’s how Blood Brothers 2 works. You play as a tactician and your role is lớn deploy your heroes and win battles. Each hero has a small contingent of soldiers that also 3D their hit points và they also have special abilities. Once you deploy your heroes & their troops, they clash with the enemy heroes & troops and that process repeats until someone wins the battle.

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The game operates on a trio of roles. Each hero will either control a group of archers, a group of ground troops, or a group of cavalry troops and at that point you’re playing rock, paper, scissors. Archers beat ground troops, ground troops beat cavalry, và cavalry beats archers và that dynamic is the foundation from which all decisions in battle are made.

Each mission in the campaign contains several battles and you’ll have lớn fight through all of them to finish the mission. Each mission generally has a boss battle at the kết thúc. After missions are completed, you’ll earn various resources, mostly gold, which can then be used to upgrade & train your troops. During battles, you can also capture enemy commanders and convince them to join your cause và grow your army that way.

Blood Brothers 2 has one of the better stories out there for a tap to lớn play game. You kind of get thrown into the action lớn start with but you get a real sense for what’s going on fairly quickly and it grows from there. It’s a dark fantasy story that’s very gritty và dirty. You’re commanding monsters và fighting in the trenches và the game does a good job of relaying that feeling to the player.

Along with all of that, you can engage in PvP combat in the arena, engage with weekly events lớn get extra resources & gear, and there is a tree of retìm kiếm that you can assign your commanders to lớn research that will give sầu you extra abilities, benefits, upgrades, and more.


The new stuff

DeNA has added a lot of new stuff to the game in a recent update that changes things a whole bunch. By far the biggest change is the inclusion of guilds. Each guild can have up lớn 50 members và there is a dedicated guild chat. Everything is fairly straight forward và typical of di động game guilds except for a few things. Let’s discuss some of the exceptions.

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Guilds have a shared mastery tree similar lớn the ones each player has. Guild members can contribute & complete the guild mastery stuff & each member benefits from it, even the new ones. Also, if anyone buys any Blood Sigils through in-tiện ích purchases, everyone in the guild gets a gift which is kind of a nice idea.

One of the other new features is a new slew of daily events. This is to help keep the game fresh & give players something else lớn vày a little more frequently. DeNA has said that there will be seven dungeons that will be rotated out daily & players will be able to use these lớn win more stuff lượt thích gear, gold, various souls, & other stuff.

There are other new features as well. One is daily pacts that help players buy specific commanders based on what day of the week it is. This is great for those who have sầu been around for a while & have some Blood Sigils lớn spare. DeNA has also included a random loot box that will drop at random times after random battles.


The good

Here’s what we liked about Blood Brothers 2:

The game play is consistent, simple, but still fun. You’re not asked khổng lồ vày a whole lot but you do have khổng lồ pay attention and think a little bit in order lớn win. This not only includes battles, but upgrading, skill retìm kiếm, & pretty much everything is easy to lớn vì, but you have sầu to make sure you’re doing it right.The guilds are fantastic. During my testing, I went lớn bed one evening và woke up with around 45 gifts thanks lớn the actions of my guild members. The chat is useful for strategy and discussion, and the guild skill trees are very helpful. It was a very positive addition lớn the game.The story is actually pretty decent for a Mobile game. It’s not super deep but the dark fantasy grittiness is refreshing. Usually in mobile games you have xinh đẹp little monsters and you’re trying to vì good. It always looks polished & friendly. In this game, you get the trench-warfare feel and the people you work with don’t look friendly. At all. It’s nice.There is a lot of stuff to vì. Between the chiến dịch, the events, the daily missions, upgrading your troops, recruiting new ones, and getting the skill trees mastered, it’s going lớn take you a long time to beat this game. Don’t forget the new guild stuff, the achievements, and the PvP aremãng cầu also. There is just a lot to bởi.The developers get a lot done. You already had a lot of stuff lớn bởi & DeNA came bachồng & gave sầu players even more with the guilds, the daily missions, etc.Blood Brothers 2 does include cloud saving. It’s not Google Play Games cloud saving, but it’s definitely good enough to get your stuff to your next device.


And here’s what we didn’t like so much:

The menu system probably could’ve been laid out a little better. It’s not bad, but it’s a bit overwhelming at first & I feel lượt thích things could have sầu been better labeled. Of course, once you pour a few hours inlớn it, you’ll learn where everything is so this is a minor nitpick. Still, a few things are kind of hard to find at first.The PvP.. arena dynamic is a bit weird. I assume that they’re going for an idea where players blindly choose their commanders not knowing what the other player will piông xã. The problem with this is the game relies heavily on choosing based on what you see on the field so a blind match takes away a lot of control. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it operates on different mechanics than the rest of the game và it feels off.

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Wrap up

Overall, this is about as good of a time waster game as you can get. It pulls from a lot of genres, including thẻ collecting, strategy, MMO, và RPG elements which really allows players khổng lồ delve inkhổng lồ the game và gives you a whole lot lớn vị. The new addition of daily missions and guilds help keep the game fresh và gives it a bit more of a social aspect so you have sầu someone lớn talk to while you play which we liked a lot.

There were a few things here and there that didn’t mesh well with the overall feel of the game, but at the end of the day these are minor nitpicks. The game is miễn phí with in-tiện ích purchases in the Google Play Store which means it costs nothing to lớn at least check it out and you’ll be showing your tư vấn for Android Authority và the Android Apps Weekly show. Who knows, you may actually love sầu it!

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