When transporting import & export goods, with goods stored, people often refer to the concept of "bonded warehouse" but many people are quite vague about this name. The following article will send you the most complete information about the bonded warehouse, so you understvà what is bonded warehouse? Functions of bonded warehouses, procedures for establishing bonded warehouses, current regulations on bonded warehouses, ...

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Bonded warehouses are areas of warehouses and storing yards for goods which have sầu gone through customs procedures và are sent for export; Goods sent from abroad and sent to lớn wait for export khổng lồ foreign countries or imported into Vietphái nam.

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Goods from foreign countries or from inland, from non-tariff zones khổng lồ bonded warehouses, goods owners or persons authorized by goods owners must carry out procedures for bonded warehouses at the Customs Sub-Departments managing bonded warehouses.Goods brought from bonded warehouses to lớn foreign countries or brought into lớn inlvà or non-tariff areas, goods owners or persons authorized by goods owners must declare information on goods stored in bonded warehouses with the managed Customs Sub-Departments. bonded. In case of import into lớn the Vietnamese market, customs procedures must be carried out like for goods imported from foreign countries according to corresponding import forms; The time of actual import of goods is the time when the customs office confirms that the goods are taken out of the bonded warehouse. Goods stored in bonded warehouses subject khổng lồ re-export under decisions of competent state management agencies are not allowed lớn be re-imported into the Vietnamese market. Goods transported from border gates lớn bonded warehouses; goods from bonded warehouses to export border gates; goods brought from inland into bonded warehouses và vice versa must go through customs procedures like for goods transported under customs supervision, except for goods which have sầu been exported for export from inland or inland When carrying out procedures for import into the inl&, the combined shipping declaration has been opened.
Reinforcement, package division, packaging; grafting goods; Classification of products for goods and goods maintenance.Taking samples of goods to lớn serve management or customs procedures.Transfer of ownership of goods.Particularly for special-use bonded warehouses containing chemicals and petrol, if meeting the state management requirements on customs & the relevant specialized state management requirements, it is allowed to concoct and convert goods categories. chemical.