This page offer tutorial of how khổng lồ repair "Bootmgr is Compressed" error và recover lost data with computer recovery.

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Similar lớn the NTLDR for Windows XPhường and earlier versions, BOOTMGR the abbreviation for Boot Manager helps operate the system thực đơn lớn manage chất lượng systems.


The "BOOTMGR is compressed" error is very comtháng, because of which you might not be able to enter the desktops of any of the operating systems. The error may be as follows:

BOOTMGR is missing. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to lớn restart

Your windows installation disc provides an option to lớn fix this error. All you have sầu lớn vì chưng is install the DVD, & select "Repair my Computer". Upon this, you will have OS installation, & after browsing into lớn "Load Drivers" all you have khổng lồ bởi is deselect the "Compress my Computer" option! Apply the changed settings onlớn your files and subfiles, and then reboot your system, the error will hopefully be gone now.

Repair a "BOOTMGR is Compressed" Error with Windows Installation DVD or a Bootable Media

Your Windows Installation Disc or bootable media provides system recovery options to lớn fix a "BOOTMGR is Compressed" error.

1. Boot from the Windows Installation DVD or bootable truyền thông. Set CD/DVD-ROM/USB bootable truyền thông media as the first boot device if not phối already.

2. Select "Repair My Computer"

3. Select the OS installation; cliông xã the "Load Drivers" button to bring up a drive browser.

4. Right-clichồng on the system drive sầu, and deselect "Compress This Drive", which should still be selected (That"s why the "BOOTMGR is Compressed" error has occurred).

5. Cliông xã "Apply", in the pop-up dialog box, choose "Apply to Subfolders/files".

6. Reboot your computer & the "BOOTMGR is Compressed" error should be repaired.

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By the way, ntldr compressed error also occurs sometimes.

Recover Lost Data When You Failed to Boot Computer with All Above Methods

As vày other errors in our computers, this error is often seen as well. It is highly likely that when this error is developed into lớn your computer, the system fails to boot up. Even at times when you"re trying to lớn fix the issue with the above sầu solutions, you can"t make it out.

If you do encounter a failure of booting the computer after you"ve sầu fixed the "BOOTMGR is compressed" error, Data Recovery can help you out. It helps you lớn create a bootable truyền thông media & recover data on the unbootable computer. You can follow the below steps to lớn go on:

xuất hiện và tap the "Recover from Crash Computer" ibé. Cliông chồng the "Start" button khổng lồ commence the process.


The next step will require that you choose a mode lớn create a bootable drive sầu. Two options will appear on your screen that is USB bootable or CD/DVD bootable drive sầu. Choose any one và tap the "Create" tab lớn continue.


A window will pop up, requesting you lớn format your computer. It will remind you to lớn baông chồng up your data before formatting. To proceed tap "Format Now".


Do not remove the USB Flash drive or CD/DVD when it starts creating a bootable drive sầu. The next step you should take will pop up. Follow the steps to lớn proceed or take a look at the full guide khổng lồ commence data recovery.


The whole process will take a while. However, 3 steps about data recovery will pop up on the screen.


* starts working automatically as soon as the booting process from the bootable drive is completed. Scroll to the hard disk, copy data or tap recover lost data from Windows 10. There is no need to lớn border about how to lớn regain data from unbootable Windows 10. You can always reach out lớn us to lớn help you with such issues.