Protecting your sensitive files is a top priority. That"s why we bring you advanced security controls, intelligent threat detection, & complete information governance. But since your needs don’t stop there, we also offer strict data privacy, data residency, & industry compliance.

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Your business depends on collaboration between lots of people, from teams and customers khổng lồ partners and vendors. The Content Cloud gives everyone one place to work together on your most important content — and you get peace of mind that it"s all secure.

Sales contracts, offer letters, vendor agreements: Content lượt thích this is at the heart of business processes, và more & more processes are going digital. With neftekumsk.com Sign, natively integrated e-signatures included in your neftekumsk.com plan, you get a cost-effective sầu way to power your business.

Manual, cumbersome processes waste hours each day. So we let anyone automate the repeatable workflows that are key khổng lồ your business, lượt thích HR onboarding và contract management. Workflows move faster, và you focus on what matters most. It"s a win-win.

With the Content Cloud, you get a single, secure platsize for all your content — no matter where it’s created, accessed, shared, or saved. More than 1,500 seamless integrations mean teams can work the way they want without sacrificing security or manageability.


With open APIs, first-tiệc nhỏ SDKs, integrated developer tools, & rich documentation, you can customize & extkết thúc neftekumsk.com to suit your business needs. Automate key workloads, customize your neftekumsk.com experience, & securely connect your business apps.

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Accelerate your move khổng lồ the Content Cloud with neftekumsk.com Shuttle, our market-leading nội dung migration tool. It’s fast, easy lớn use, và cost-effective sầu. Best of all, it’s built with the full power and security of neftekumsk.com, so you can get more from your nội dung.


User management is simple with neftekumsk.com. Intelligent monitoring và reporting tools give sầu you a bird’s-eye view of how content is being shared and accessed across your organization. You get full visibility and control, & your teams get more done.


At FICO, we want to maximize on our global talent & provide them with the tools khổng lồ vị their jobs better together. neftekumsk.com is helping us connect the dots from region to lớn region & from device khổng lồ device.



– Tony McGivern, CIO


neftekumsk.com has become the industry standard in this space và we’ve chosen it khổng lồ continue our drive toward efficiency, security, & simpliđô thị for all our employees.



– David Smoley, CIO

By investing in a cloud nội dung management platform lượt thích neftekumsk.com and leveraging other best-of-breed technology partners, we have been able khổng lồ create a more secure, efficient and collaborative sầu environment for conducting business.



– CDO, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management

neftekumsk.com fits the ‘3S-3C’ model: Simplithành phố, scalability, và security. Cloud-based, clean desks, và current.



– Andy Nallappan, Vice President và CIO

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