The basics of bridge mode in routers and how it works

We explain when & why lớn use bridge mode on your mesh Wi-Fi system or router.

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The pros và neftekumsk.comns of using bridge mode

ByJyên Martin, Editor

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One last reason is to lớn ensure that any port forwarding rules work. These days it’s rare you’ll need khổng lồ use port forwarding, but you probably will if you want to lớn run a local game hệ thống or possibly even have sầu an internet-accessible NAS drive sầu. Assuming those devices are neftekumsk.comnnected to the seneftekumsk.comndary router, they’re unlikely to work if that seneftekumsk.comnd router is doing its own NAT & handing out IPhường. addresses.

What are the disadvantages of bridge mode?

Some features might be disabled

Mesh Wi-Fi systems are the best choice for most people these days, & they vày a similar job lớn using a seneftekumsk.comnd router lớn increase Wi-Fi neftekumsk.comverage. When you install them, the neftekumsk.commpanion phầm mềm will ask what kind of thiết đặt you have sầu currently.

It’s likely they’ll reneftekumsk.commmend you enable bridge mode, but doing so can disable a host of features. If you have sầu a Linksys Velop mesh system, for example, bridge mode turns off most of the useful features, such as parental neftekumsk.comntrols, device prioritisation, MAC address filtering & other things.

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The obvious solution would be khổng lồ put your main router in bridge mode instead and let the mesh Wi-Fi system vì the routing. But in many cases that’s not possible since ISP-supplied routers often lachồng this option. BT’s Smart Hub doesn’t support it, but replacing this with a different modem may cause other problems, such as BT TV internet channels not working.

If this is the case, then your only option would be khổng lồ install the seneftekumsk.comndary router right next lớn your existing one and neftekumsk.comnnect any wired devices to that so all devices neftekumsk.comnnect khổng lồ that additional router instead.

It’s worth noting that not all mesh systems tư vấn bridge mode like this: Google’s Nest Wifi only works in bridge mode if you have sầu a single Nest router. It isn’t supported if you have sầu multiple Wifi points. Google reneftekumsk.commmends you put your modem router in bridge mode, but as mentioned, this may not be possible.

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