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For one week in December, players can jump in & experience Multiplayer modes & playlists lượt thích Raid the Mall, Nuketown Holiday 24/7, & Prop Hunt. All for không tính phí.

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For one week in December, players can jump in và experience Multiplayer modes & playlists like Raid the Mall, Nuketown Holiday 24/7, và Prop Hunt. All for miễn phí.

Celebrate the holidays by partying up with your friends and jumping inkhổng lồ a number of Multiplayer modes in Blaông chồng Ops Cold War. The không tính tiền access week starts on Thursday, December 17 at 10am PT, & runs through Thursday, December 24 at 10am PT.

And if you already own Black Ops Cold War, now’s the perfect time to lớn invite your friends khổng lồ squad up and see what they’ve sầu been missing out on!

Keep on reading for complete details và a few tips on how to take out the competition and get in on all the frenzied action of Season One.


Free Access Stage 1: Dec 17-21

Free access will come in two stages. Stage 1 starts on Thursday, 12/17 and ends on Monday, 12/21, và includes a combination of modes new to lớn Season One or already available since the launch of Black Ops Cold War.

2v2 Gunfight

Get some Warzone Gulag practice in when the seminal 2v2 game mode from Modern Warfare returns in Blaông xã Ops Cold War in Season One. These fast, high-tension battles always kết thúc the same way: with the last duo standing. Face off with a rival duo on four maps: trò chơi Show, ICBM, KGB, và U-Bahn, & be the first team khổng lồ win six rounds to win.

Team Deathmatch

This classic 6v6 game mode needs no introduction. Eliminate your enemies & earn score for your team. First team to 100 wins. Maps include Moscow, Cartel, Miamày, Satellite, Checkmate, Garrison, Armadomain authority Strike, Crossroads Strike, Nuketown ’84, The Pines, & Raid.

Featured Playlist: Nuketown Holiday 24/7

Deông xã the halls with this festive playcác mục, taking place in a reimagined Blaông chồng Ops classic. Nuketown ’84 made its triumphant return in the lead-up lớn Season One, & this holiday version of the map adds an even brighter glow to lớn the former Nevadomain authority testing ground. Jump inlớn this 24/7 playlist và play Nuketown to your heart’s nội dung in a variety of fast-paced modes.

Featured Playlist: Raid the Mall

Get ready for a two-maps showcase featuring the fan-favorite Raid from Blaông chồng Ops II & the neon-lit New Jersey mall at The Pines. With two medium-sized maps populated by a variety of scenic obstacles with an ‘80s aesthetic, Raid the Mall promises down-and-dirty battles, intense combat, & blazing fast gameplay.


The tried-and-true Điện thoại tư vấn of Duty objective mode is baông xã and better than ever. Two teams of six players fight for control of three objective sầu zones. Earn score for each objective sầu that your team owns. The first team to lớn reach 200 score will achieve victory! Maps include Moscow, Cartel, Miangươi, Satellite, Checkmate, Garrison, Armadomain authority Strike, Crossroads Strike, Nuketown ’84, The Pines, & Raid.

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Free Access Stage 2: Dec 21-24

Though Stage 1 ends Monday, 12/21, fear not. Stage 2 will pichồng right up where you left off. Not only are all of the modes from the previous stage available, you’ll also get the following:

Prop Hunt

The popular mode delivers its hilarious take on hide-and-seek, Gọi of Duty style. For those who don’t know, Prop Hunt pits two teams against one another: Hunters & Props. Props disguise themselves as scenery like baby grvà pianos or mannequins, while Hunters try to lớn trachồng the Props down và eliminate them before they escape and blend in with the environment again. First team lớn take three rounds wins.

Combined Arms: Hardpoint

In this new addition khổng lồ Combined Arms, two teams of 12 battle lớn capture & control a moving objective sầu across four maps: Armada, Crossroads, Miami, và Cartel. Use tanks, gunboats, and snowmobiles lớn own objectives and take out the enemy’s control. Although the time limit is five minutes, the cloông chồng will pause when either team controls the objective sầu, allowing for epic comebacks. The first team to reach the 350 score limit wins.

Fireteam: Dirty Bomb

Drop inlớn this frenzied 40-player mode to collect, deliver, và deposit uranium inlớn several active sầu dirty bombs sites. You earn score by killing enemies, gathering & depositing uranium, & detonating dirty bombs. Maps include two massive play spaces: Ruka and Alpine.

Double XP.., Double Weapon XP.., & Double Battle Pass Progression

The week of free access just keeps getting better.

Starting 10AM December 18 lớn 10AM December 21, all Operators* (whether you’re in the không tính phí access or not) will earn double XP and double weapons bonuses across the available Multiplayer modes.

The bonuses continue at 10AM on December 22 through 10AM December 28 with Double Battle Pass XPhường. in Multiplayer khổng lồ unlochồng Battle Pass System nội dung twice as fast. That’s a full 10 days lớn level up your Operator, weapons, & Battle Pass System tiers!

But keep in mind, from December 22-25, the Double Battle Pass XP is available only in Blaông chồng Ops Cold War, and không tính tiền access ends December 24. However, the Double Battle Pass XPhường bonus then kicks in for both Black Ops Cold War và Warzone from December 25-28.

* PlayStation users also have access lớn a bonus 24-hour double XP window lớn progress their Season 1 player cấp độ, starting at 10AM in December 17 in Blaông chồng Ops Cold War and Warzone.

Upgrade to lớn Get the Full Experience

If you want access to lớn the full Multiplayer experience, including the full range of modes, customizable weapons, and maps, as well as the dark intrigue of the Cold War narrative sầu in Campaign mode, purchase Blaông xã Ops Cold War and get more ways to lớn play today.

Remember, the Free Access Week is live from 10AM on December 17 through 10AM December 24.