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CFosSpeed is one great application on the surface, optimizing và prioritizing your Internet connections in order to get the best out of your subscription. Being one of the top picks in its Softpedia category, this program may not be your typical all-bragging no-brainier software that promises to lớn provide astronomical Internet speeds no matter your connection type.

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CFosSpeed 10.14 Craông xã Full Serial Keyren Download. Install your PC cFosSpeed 10.14 free version. Now use crachồng or patch lớn get full version.

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First things first – cFosSpeed provides a new management system for every Internet connection that your computer establishes regardless of its downloading or uploading state. As long as your connection is made through a DSL, cable or sản phẩm điện thoại broadband modem, WiFi or LAN, then this program will take charge of its management.

The software comprises many intelligent features that keep your Internet at speed even-though you already have started generating heavy traffic over the line, enhance the ping latencies for the gamer in you & also cut down issues regarding audio / đoạn phim streaming. The công nghệ behind these benefits relies on the `Traffic Shaping` that adds a RWIN expansion lớn the standard Windows RCP.. Auto-Tuning và the `Prioritization` which automatically sets certain applications such as Web browsers, games or VoIP to higher priority than both ordinary or tệp tin sharing tải về and upload operations. CFosSpeed also allows you lớn manage the priorities of each & every Internet connection putting you in complete control over the importance of simultaneously running processes. The main goal of the application is delivering the maximum possible speed while keeping the ping to minimal values. The interface of the program displays a chart containing several connections such as Web, Up/tải về, Mail, Fileshare/P2Phường, Streaming, VoIP, Interactive sầu or Receive / Skết thúc total. It comes in many sizes & styles as you can easily select one of them from the contextual thực đơn. Logitech gaming keyboard are also supported by the application.

The Traffic Shaping menu provides a set of options lượt thích `Favor bandwidth`, `Calibrate line` or `Send demo pings`, while the Settings window packs Automatic RWIN expansion functions as well as Protocols, Programs, Adapter Info, Online Budgets and Traffic Analysis. Bottom line is that cFosSpeed is, indeed, a very well-polished application that, given time, grows on you. Once you get the hang of it, you enter a new territory which you are totally in control of any aspect regarding the speed of your Internet connection & the qualitative sầu experience it brings lớn the high-priority customizable danh mục of programs.