A Beginner’s Guide To Using Chroma Key Green Screens For Videos

If you’re a beginner to lớn chroma key videography, then you may be wondering how lớn use a green screen, or why you may need one.

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A chroma key green screen background is used as a backdrop in Clip and photography. They enable you to lớn separate the subject from the background và replace that green screen with a new background. 

Green screen đoạn Clip is popular among YouTubers for videos, pro gamers for their live streams, & videographers/social media influencers for skits.

If you are wondering how to lớn create a green screen video, or how does a green screen work, then we’re going to lớn bởi a walkthrough of everything green screen.

What is a Green Screen và How Does a Green Screen Work?

If you’ve sầu ever watched a supernhân vật movie where they fly through the sky or scale huge buildings, then you’ve seen a chroma key green screen at work. Many TV shows & films rely on a green screen khổng lồ create special effects and virtual backgrounds.

It’s called a green screen for a simple reason - it’s a large backdrop screen that is green! It’s part of a process that is known as chroma key. This process allows TV producers & filmmakers to lớn superimpose their subjects on any kind of virtual background, so the possibilities are endless.

Chroma keying singles out a particular color in an electronic image (usually the green screen), & special software then make that color transparent to lớn allow any background you choose khổng lồ show through where the green screen was.

Green tends to be the popular color of choice for chroma key backgrounds because it generally has a lot of contrast with the subject’s skin và clothes. This makes it easier to isolate only the green color to lớn make it transparent.

Which Green Screen is Right for Me?

There are different options for green screen backdrops, so you need lớn choose the one that is right for you và the kind of đoạn Clip you want to lớn create. 

Green Seamless Paper Backdrops

Seamless paper backdrops are popular with both đoạn phim creators và photographers because they are easy to lớn mix up, và seam và wrinkle-không tính tiền.

If you are using props or filming a messy video clip, paper backdrops are ikhuyễn mãi giảm giá because you can cut the soiled paper off, recycle it, và then pull out another fresh, clean layer. When you run out of paper, just buy another roll.

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Seamless paper comes in rolls of half-form size paper for those who don’t have a lot of space, lượt thích our Spectrum Chroma Key Green Non-Reflective Half Paper Roll Backdrop (1.36 x 10M), and full-width, lượt thích our Spectrum Non-Reflective Video Paper Roll Backdrop (2.7 x 10M) - Chroma Key Green.

Green Cotton Muslins

Cotton muslins lượt thích the Spectrum Chroma Key Green 3m x 6m background muslin are reusable, so are a good long-term solution. They’re great for Twitch streamers, who want lớn bloông xã out their background, but they’re not the best choice for those who want khổng lồ vị messy shoots as they will need washing afterward. 


Although they take up less storage room than paper rolls, the fabric finish means that they tover to crease up when stored folded - they then need to have the creases steamed out before using in a photoshoot.


Green/Blue Double-Sided Collapsible Backdrop

A collapsible pop-up double-sided backdrop like the Large Chroma Key Green / Blue Double Sided Pop Up Backdrop (1.5 x 2.1M) is great for quiông xã set-up & easy storage. It’s good for streamers, but it doesn’t have enough surface area if you want to use it for full-sized videos.

Chroma key blue screens, on the other hand, are used as an alternative lớn green screens because some find them easier lớn colour correct. Another pro is that xanh screens have less colour spill compared khổng lồ green screens. When you watch green screen videos, you might notice a green tinge on the edges of the subject, even if the background is totally different - that is called "colour spill". 

However, xanh screens require more lighting because they have sầu a lower luminance value so it doesn"t reflect as much light as a green colour would. This makes xanh screens good for darker scenes or darker environments.


Chroma Key Green Pull Up Backdrop


Lastly, green screen pull-up backdrops like the "Live sầu Stream Master" Pull Up Chroma Key Green Screen Backdrop for Video are a go-khổng lồ for many twitch streamers because of how easy they are lớn set up và paông xã down after use. Its retractable kiến thiết means all you have to vày is pull it up when it"s time to start your streams và retract it into lớn its hard protective sầu case once you"re done for easy storage. Simple as that! 


The "Live Stream Master" Pull Up Chroma Key Green Screen Backdrop for Video also measures at about 1.48m x 2.1m, which gives you plenty of room for seated, half-body toàn thân or full-body shots (depending on your subject"s height). So if you"re streaming/filming in a small space, then this would be the best option for you.

Which Lighting Can I Use with My Green Screen?

Choosing the right lighting setup for your green screen background is also important, và again, there are different types khổng lồ choose from.

Kit Lighting

Our Twitch Kit has everything you need to lớn get started, including a green chroma key cốt tông muslin backdrop, peg clamps, heavy-duty backdrop stand, & a 14” Mini Pearl Ring Light. 

Ring Lights

Ring lighting is a very common and popular choice aước ao social media influencers, twitch streamers and YouTubers. The ring-shape of the bulb gives out a soft and even light on faces, & is great for filming in poorly-lit areas. 

Have sầu a look at our full ring light range that includes ring lights of different sizes, from the 19” Gold Luxe II lớn the 14” Mini Pearl.



A popular option with photographers as well as video creators, softboxes give a soft, even light on your subject. Our Illuminate Mate Double Rectangle Softbox Lighting Kit comes with two softbox lights to lớn give you ultimate flexibility in light placement.


We’ve looked at what green screen backdrops are, types of backdrops, & different lighting options, so hopefully, this article has been of some help to lớn you. 

If you are thinking of trying out green screen video, then here are a few extra tips for you:

Make a plan before you start shooting lớn avoid wasting time. Having a plan will also help you khổng lồ rethành viên everything you need khổng lồ do.Set up your studio before you start. Your subject needs to lớn be positioned as far away from the background as possible while still fully on it so that you get a good separation of subject & background. This makes it easier to edit later on.Be patient. You won’t make an ideal video the first time you try, but you’ll get better with practice.When shooting with green screen backgrounds, make sure your subject stays fully in front of the green screen. Any body toàn thân parts that don’t have sầu the green screen background will have a different one that chroma key software won’t be able khổng lồ remove sầu.Do some retìm kiếm on finding green screen software to lớn edit your videos in. Many of them are made with beginners in mind, and allow you to quickly replace your backgrounds.

If you are thinking of starting a YouTuber channel or Twitch Live, why not take a look at some more of our tips here?