Chương Trình Văn Nghệ Tiếng Anh Là Gì

Good afternoon, ladies và gentlemen. Welcome to lớn our English club. This is the first gathering of our English club at Minh Tan primary school. Taking part in the English Club is an interesting & relaxing way lớn practise speaking English. There are a lot of funny activities và performances waiting for you today.

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1. Firstly, let’s come lớn a very lovely nhảy show. It is a very funny dance sport shown by a girl from class 4B. Please clap your hands to lớn welcome her………………….

Thank you very much for a very lovely performance

2. And the next, let’s welcome the first cống phẩm on the program. It is a meaningful song which is shown by a little boy from the class 4A. Right now – Let’s welcome Đinc Minch with the song: “Roar”………

Thank you very much for the interesting tuy vậy.

3. To be continued, we will come lớn the second performance. A dance is shown by the pretty girls from class 5A. Let’s enjoy “What makes you beautiful”.

Thanks for your great performance.

4. In order lớn cthua trận the first part of programme, please welcome another tuy nhiên with a gentle melody as an encouragement: You can vị anything if you completely believe in yourself. Please have sầu a big h& for the girls from class 4A with the song “ Proud of you” .

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Once more time, I would lượt thích to lớn say Thank you very much for all the beautiful và exciting performances.

We wish all of you good health, happiness and success!

We wish the English Club for Yen Lac Primary Teacher a great success

Thank you very much for your attention!

Thank you very much for great performance. We’re really lucky lớn enjoy them.

Good afternoon ladies và gentlemen . Warmly welcome all the delegates, all the teachers of our EnglishClub today!

Thanks to lớn the permission & the help from the board of director of Minch Tan Primary school, the 1st English Club is organized every 2 months with the alặng of making a motivating environment for English teachers khổng lồ learn & mô tả each other the teaching experience và have more chance lớn practice speaking English fluently, so that they will feel more confident lớn communicate with others.

Coming lớn our English Club today. Firstly, I would like to introduce Mr. Trinch Quoc Trung - an expert of Yen Lac Department of Education và Training

Coming to our English Club today, I would like to introduce the presence of Mrs. ……….the (vice)-director of Minc Tan Primary School and especially the presence of 42 English teachers from 20 Schools of Yen Lac District

Let’s clap your hands to lớn welcome them.

And now, I would lượt thích khổng lồ introduce Mr. Trinh Quoc Trung- an expert of Yen Lac Departmentof Education & Training to lớn come khổng lồ the stage to make a speechlớn open the English Club

Thank you very much for your opening of English Club

Now let"s come khổng lồ the program of the English Club today. Ladies & gentlemen. After a short time working effectively, our English Club has made a great success.

On behalf of all the teachers of English, I would like to give sầu our great gratitude & thanks to the help of all the leaders as well as all the English teachers of 20 schools here today.