a company that owns several smaller businesses whose products or services are usually very different:

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a very large company consisting of several smaller companies or divisions that supply varied products or services
a very large business organization consisting of several companies that often sell different types of product or service:
State-based regulation has allowed small to mid-sized companies to survive and flourish, even when faced with competition from massive multi-national conglomerates.
Throughout the 1990s, many non-financial entrepreneurs left their posts at the region"s major media conglomerates in search of new opportunities utilizing the latest technologies.
Imagine if half of that, $15 trillion, was invested in local communities rather than multinational conglomerates that are outsourcing jobs and not investing domestically.
With competition in the smartphone market continuing to intensify, the conglomerate is banking on its other divisions to pick up the slack going forward.
Our regional sales manager had previously been a national account exec with a major, publicly-held newspaper conglomerate.
Accountability also rests with policymakers, the clergy, media conglomerates, businesses, civic groups, parents, and community activists.

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Water transport is the only process capable of producing the rounded shape of conglomerate rock of this size.
They are a mix of local, independently owned operations and outposts of foreign media conglomerates.
The lines between software vendors, hardware suppliers and the old-world industrial conglomerates are fast blurring.
It"s a conglomerate, a geologic chimera -- a bunch of large emerald crystals lodged at odd angles in a matrix of black schist.
The conglomerate is increasingly maximizing the value of having a hand in both sides of the business.