Tkb Lw Review: 2016 Cabrinha Contra

Cabrinha Says:

Get more days on the water with the Contra three strut light wind kite.

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Designed lớn maximize power production in light winds, while ensuring effortless power control from our trademark depower-on-dem&, the Contra is able to lớn exexinh đẹp sharp and precise turning. It has the power of a larger kite while maintaining the finesse of a smaller kite. Tuned to deliver the type of performance that will widen the scope of what you can do in light winds, the Contra is the perfect kite khổng lồ extend your game into lớn the light wind arena.Visit for more info:


TKB Says:

Welcome lớn Cabrinha’s 3-strut pulling powerhouse bliss! The Contra’s medium aspect canopy và swooped wingtips generates tons of grunt when you dial in some apparent wind và pulls you in the lighthử nghiệm of wind. The Contra flies extremely well in all parts of the window & pulls with very comfortable medium bar pressure và smooth predictable power delivery.

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This kite turns like what you would expect from a 17 that’s puling you in the lighthử nghiệm of wind, but with a fairly good turning radius that keeps it in the pulling window. The steering arc is more swoopy than pivot-style but generated good power throughout maneuvers. The 3-strut frame delivers a solid balance between crisp canopy shape và a light overall feel, while the impressive pull makes this a no-brainer choice for extremely low wind sessions.


The Contra comes with the Overdrive sầu 1XL Trimlite control bar which features 8cm (48-56cm) of bar length adjustment with Cabrinha’s Overdrive sầu adjustable on the fly bar ends. This bar features a fixed length durable plastic depower/throw và a stainless steel cleat with bungee handle adjuster. We love sầu how simple the new bar layout is while ergonomically speaking it has a very comfortable grip & just the right amount of features for a clean và highly functional light wind control bar.

Visit for more info on the bar: >

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