Corruption Là Gì

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corruption /kə"rʌpʃn/ danh từ sự ăn năn lộ, sự tmê man nhũng sự mục nát, sự thối nát sự sửa thay đổi làm sai lầm (bài bác văn uống, ngữ điệu...)
sự không nên hỏngLĩnh vực: toán và tinsự làm cho sai lạcsự không nên lạcdata corruptionsai trái dữ liệusự hư hỏngsự thiu thốitmê mệt nhũngtmê mệt ô


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Từ điển Collocation

corruption noun

ADJ. gross, massive sầu, serious | petty | endemic, rampant, rife, widespread Corruption was rife before the election. | high-cấp độ | alleged | financial, moral, political | official | government, police

QUANT. case

VERB + CORRUPTION attaông xã, combat, curb, eliminate, fight, root out, stem, tackle He strongly attacked corruption và favouritism in the government. This police unit was established to lớn fight corruption. | be involved in

CORRUPTION + NOUN scandal She was brought down by a corruption scandal. | allegation The corruption allegations proved false. | investigation

PREP. ~ among mỏi corruption among muốn high-ranking government officials

PHRASES accusations/allegations of corruption, bribery và corruption More information about CRIMES
CRIMES: be guilty of, commit ~
Two key witnesses at her trial committed perjury.

accuse sb of, charge sb with ~ He has been accused of her murder.

convict sb of, find sb guilty of ~ She was found guilty of high treason.

acquit sb of ~ The engineer responsible for the collapse of the bridge was acquitted of manslaughter.

admit, confess khổng lồ, deny ~ All three men have denied assault. She admitted 33 assault charges.

plead guilty/not guilty to lớn ~ He pleaded guilty to a charge of gross indecency.

investigate (sb for) ~ She is being investigated for suspected bribery.

be suspected for/of ~ He was the least likely to lớn be suspected of her murder.

be/come under investigation for ~ She was the second minister to lớn come under investigation for corruption.

be wanted for ~ be wanted on charges of ~ He was wanted on charges of espionage.

solve sầu a case, crime, murder, robbery, theft The police & the public must work together khổng lồ solve sầu the murder.

arrest sb for ~ Jean was arrested for arson.

be tried for, stand trial for ~ lớn stvà trial for extortion

~ case/trial The nurse"s murder trial continues.

~ charge The police agreed khổng lồ drop the conspiracy charges against hyên ổn.

a charge/count of ~ The jury convicted her on two counts of theft.

Từ điển WordNet


decay of matter (as by rot or oxidation)inducement (as of a public official) by improper means (as bribery) to lớn violate duty (as by commiting a felony)

he was held on charges of corruption và racketeering

Microsoft Computer Dictionary

n. A process wherein data in memory or on disk is unintentionally changed, with its meaning thereby altered or obliterated.

English Synonym and Antonym Dictionary

corruptionssyn.: corruptness degeneracy depravation depravity putrefaction putrescence putridness rottenness subversion