I. Choose the word that has the underlined parts pronounced differently from the others.

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1. match

B. chore

C. school

D. choice

2. wanted

B. washed

C. danced

D. played

3. beds

B. dogs

C. porters

D. books

4. pictures

B. watches

C. buses

D. brushes

5. looked

B. washed

C. walked

D. needed

 II. Choose the correct word lớn complete the sentence.

6. You must________the lesson carefully before your test.

A. learn B. khổng lồ learn C. learning D. learns

7. Hoa is old enough ________a car.

A. drive B. drove sầu C. lớn drive sầu D. driving

8. We mustn’t let children________in the kitchen.

A. to lớn play B. play C. played D. plays

9. Mai ________to visit me next week.

A. is going B. going to C. is going lớn D. are going to

10. Bell & Watson ________the telephone in 1877.

A. introduce B. introduces C. introduced D. khổng lồ introduce

11. Bao spends his không tính tiền time doing volunteer work at a local ________

A. orphanage B. volunteer C. hospital D. school

12. ________is your new English teacher like? - She’s very kind.

A. How B. Who C. What D. Which

13. I lượt thích Nam’s sense of humor. His jokes always make us laugh ________.

A. happy B. unhappy C. happily D. unhappily

14. Children ________play with matches. It only takes one match lớn cause a fire.

A. shouldn’t B. mustn’t C. don’t have to lớn D. don’t

15. - Hoa: I can’t reach that táo khuyết. - Lan: Don’t worry. I ________you.

A. help B. will help C. am going to help D. helped

16. I think our English is good. ________ join our English Speaking Club.

A. Why don’t we B. Shall we C. Let’s D. Can we

17. Putting a knife ________an electrical socket is dangerous.

A. to B. into C. at D. in

18. ________ does Miss Hoa want lớn be a teacher? -Because she loves children.

A.What B. Who C. What D. Why

19. Who repaired the bicycle for you? - Notoàn thân. I repaired it________

A. itself B. myself C. yourself D. himself

20. I & Thu can look after ________.

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A. herself B. myself C. ourselves D. themselves

III. Put the verbs in the right tense or form.

21. We usually (go) .............................. khổng lồ the library three times a week.

22. Nga and Hoa (see) .............................. a movie tonight.

23. Sue can (speak) .............................. Vietnamese very well.

24. I often (go) .............................. to lớn school six days a week.

25. Last week, I (write) .............................. a letter khổng lồ hlặng.

IV. Choose the correct option (A, B, C or D) that best fits each space in the following passage.

A customer telephoned the Thanh hao Cong Delivery Service (26) ________ June 16th just after midday. The customer’s (27) ________ was Mr. Nam, (28) ________ he wanted khổng lồ (29) ________ to lớn Mrs. Van. Mrs. Van was at a (30) ________ & could not come khổng lồ the phone. So Mr. Toan (31) ________ a message. Mr. Nam called (32) ________ his stationery order. He said Mrs. Van could reach hyên (33) ________ 8634082.

26. A. at B. from C. on D. in

27. A. address B. name C. phone D. friend

28. A. và B. but C. so D. when

29. A. Điện thoại tư vấn B. tell C. say D. speak

30. A. family B. office C. meeting D. moment

31. A. gave B. took C. left D. sent

32. A. for B. to lớn C. about D. in

33. A. with B. in C. by D. at

V. Listen lớn a man talking about the Kinh ethnic group in Vietphái nam. Decide if the statements below are true (T) or false (F). (audio unit3)

34. The Kinh‘s population occupies more than 4/5 of Vietnam‘s population. ..............

35. The Kinch people only live within Vietnam. ..............

36. People living in different villages may follow the similar rules. ..............

37. On occasion of communal events, people gather in one same place. ..............

38. Ancient Kinch people just smoked water pipes & didn‘t smoke cigarettes. ..............

VI. Rewrite the sentences as directed.

39. They plan to collect used paper and skết thúc them for recycling. (Use ‘be going to’)

They are __________________________________

40. He is short. He can’t stiông xã the picture above the window.(Combine sentences using “enough”)