Đề Thi Giữa Kì 2 Lớp 4 Tiếng Anh

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LUYỆN CHỮ ĐẸP QUEENBEE SƯU TẦMREVIEW MID-TERM TEST 2:I. Answer:0. What does Phong’s mother do?A:She is a doctor.B: She is a farmer.AB1. Where does Linda’s father work?AC. She’s a teacher.CBC2. What does Jane’s brother look like?ABC3. What time vì chưng Joe & his brother go to lớn bed?A
EKFLLUYỆN CHỮ ĐẸP QUEENBEE SƯU TẦMIII. Read the passage and circle A, B or C. There is one example.MY FAMILYHello! My name is Anmãng cầu. I’m from the USA. I’m nine years old. There are four people in myfamily: my father, my mother, my younger brother và I. My father’s name is Robert. He is fortythree years old. He is tall & big. He works as a doctor in the local hospital. My mother, Sarah, isforty years old. She is short and thin. She is a nurse, working in my father’s hospital. My youngerbrother’s name is Peter. He is seven years old. He is shorter but stronger than me. Both of us arestudents at Little Star Primary School.0. How old is Anna? A. She is seven years old. B. She is eight years old.1. She is nine years old.2. Where is Anmãng cầu from?A. She is from Englvà.B. She is from America.C. She is from Australia.2. What does her father look like?A. He is tall and big.B. He is short và thin.C. He is short và strong.3. How old is her mother?
A. She is forty-three years old.B. She is forty-four years old. C. She is forty years old.4. Choose the TRUE statement.A. Anna’s parents are doctor.B. Anna’s parents work in the same hospital.C. Anmãng cầu và Peter study at the different schools.IV. Read & look at the pictures và write down:MY BELOVED FATHERHello, everyone! My name is Jaông chồng and this is my beloved father. His name is Adam. He is forty-eight years old. He is a (0) ...worker.... He works in a (1) ..................farfrom my house, so he leaves home very early và goes trang chính very late. Although he’s very busy, wealways spend the whole weekend together. It’s the time when my dad & I vày the housework andthen play (2) ...................together. Then we cook fried (3) .......................... It’s our favourite food. On weekkết thúc, my mother can relax herself after a hardworking week.V> Reorder the following words khổng lồ make a complete sentence. There is one example.0. it? What/ time/ is  What time is it?1. grandparents/ Tet/ visit/ our/ at/ We _____________________2. is/ Children’s/ June./ of/ Day/ the/ on/ first ______________________3. you/ some/ Would/ rice?/ lượt thích __________________________4. your/like?/ What/ mother/ does/ look _________________________5. have/ ten/ I/ lunch/ thirty./ at ___________________________
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