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Nội dung text: Đề thi lựa chọn học viên xuất sắc môn Tiếng Anh Lớp 9 - Năm học 2015-2016 - Trường THCS Bình Minch (Có đáp án)


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9 HUYỆN THANH OAI TRƯỜNG THCS BÌNH MINH Năm học: 2015 – năm 2016 Môn: Tiếng Anh Thời gian: 150 phút (không đề cập thời hạn giao đề) Crúc ý: - Sở đề thi này bao gồm bao gồm 06 trang, từ trang 01 cho trang 06. - Thí sinch làm cho bài trực tiếp vào bộ đề thi này. Điểm Họ tên, chữ ký của fan chnóng thi số 1: Số phách (Do Chủ tịch hội - Bằng số: đồng chấm thi ghi) - Bằng chữ: Họ thương hiệu, chữ ký của bạn chnóng thi số 2: PART A: LISTENING (10× 0,2 = 2pts): Listen lớn the song “ Auld Lang Syne” & fill in the missing words: Auld Lang Syne Should auld acquaintance be forgot and never brought to lớn mind? Should auld (1) be forgot? và (2) of auld lang syne? For auld lang syne, my (3) , for auld lang syne, we’ll take a cup of (4) yet, (5) auld lang syne. Should auld acquaintance be forgot và (6) brought to lớn mind? (7) .auld acquaintance be forgot và (8) of auld lang syne? And here’s a (8) ., my trusty friover và gie’s a h& o’ thine We’ll tak’ a (9) o’ kindness yet for (10) lang syne. 1 2 3 . 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 . PART B: PHONETICS (10 ×0,2 = 2pts) I. Find out and circle the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others. (5× 0,2 = 1,0pt) 11. A. opened B. closed C. contained D. finished 12. A. laughter B. sightseeing C. daughter D. fight 13. A. islvà B. foodstuff C. stream D. service 14. A. paper B. receipt C. complain D. envelop 15. A. official B. ocean C. convenient D. precious 111 12 13 14 15 II. Pick out và circle the word whose main bao tay is different from those of the others. (5× 0,2 = 1,0pt) 16. A. businessman B. secretary C. secondary D. artificial 17. A. dangerous B. opposite C. interested D. umbrella 18. A. happy B. early C. allowed D. injured 19. A. inspiration B. economic C. situation D. material 20. A. separate B. emigrate C. precaution D. demonstration 16 17 18 19 trăng tròn PART C: VOCABULARY AND GRAMMAR (6pts) I. Circle the best answer A, B, C or D khổng lồ complete the sentences. (10 × 0,2 = 2,0 pts) 21. The students are being made harder. A. work B. worked C. lớn work D. working 22. Most people will be polite lớn you you are polite to them. A. you meet/ unless B. you meet/ if C. meet you/ only D. meeting you/ in case 23. He’s so shy. He hasn’t spoken anything he came here. A. since B. when C. which D. for 24. I hope he doesn’t keep us A. wait B. waiting C. to wait D. for waiting 25. Do you know the man who is wearing the A. gold watch very old, valuable B. very valuable, old gold watch C. old gold watch very valuable D. very old, gold valuable watch 26. Do you know the beautiful girl ? A. sit in the oto B. sat in the oto C. sitting in the oto D. who sit in the car 27. Notoàn thân says a word about the incident, ? A. does he B. doesn’t he C. vì they D. don’t they 28. You’d better get someone .your living room. A. redecorate B. redecorated C. to lớn redecorate D. redecorating 29. He asked me A. since when I am waiting B. since when I waited C. how long I have been waiting D. how long I had been waiting 30. Mary was the last applicant A. to lớn be interviewed B. to be interviewing C. to lớn interview D. to lớn have sầu interviewed 21 . 22 23 24 25 . 26 . 27 28 29 . 30 . II. Read the text below. Use the words given in capitals at the end of each line to lớn khung a word that fits in the space in the same line. (10 × 0,2 = 2,0 pts) One thing I know is that I wouldn’t like to have an occupation OCCUPY that has anything to lớn vị with physics, (31) or math; CHEMIST I am not the (32) .type at all. In fact at school, I was a SCIENCE complete (33) in these subjects. Neither am I very FAIL good at dealing with people, nor am I (34) , so jobs AMBITION 2in business, administration and (35) .don’t really interest MANAGE me either. Moreover I find it (36) to lớn be surrounded by IRRITATE a lot of people; I would much rather have a job involving creative sầu work or (37) skills of some sort. I would lượt thích lớn have the ART chance of work outdoors (38) & perhaps do a bit of OCCASION traveling, too. I am not (39) concerned about becoming PARTICULAR rich but I would lượt thích lớn have a (40) income enough to lớn REASON live sầu comfortably. 31 32 33 34 35 . . . 36 37 . 38 . 39 40 . . III. Supply the correct khung of the verbs in brackets to complete the sentences below. (5 × 0,2 = 1,0 pt) 41. She said she (already sweep) the floor. 42. We are having a swimming pool (build) in the garden at present. 43. My favorite team (not win) .a single match so far this season. 44. Young people (become) more và more politically aware these days. 45. You (stop) .by a policeman if you try to cross the road now. 41 42 . 43 44 45 . . IV. Fill in the blank with a suitable preposition khổng lồ complete the sentences below. (5 × 0,2 = 1,0 pt) 46. You should write .ink, not with your pencil. 47. .my opinion, it’s a very good book. 48. My birthday is the first of the month. 49. The climate of our country is favorable agriculture. 50. She said she came two hours ahead the performing time. 46 47 48 49 50 PART D: READING COMPREHENSION (5pts) I. Read the following passage carefully and choose the best option khổng lồ fit each space. (10 × 0,2 = 2,0 pts) What is the money? The pound, the dollar or the franc are actually just lượt thích a gram or a kilometer. The difference is that you can exchange money for something (51) . A five pound note may buy a book, a huge bag of sweets, or a (52) of cinema tickets. But the note itself is only a printed (53) of paper which costs almost nothing to make. Thousands of years (54) , people didn’t have money as we know (55) There were no banks (56) . even shops. In those days, Mr Green, the farmer, exchanged the corn he (57) . grown for Mr Hive’s honey. This was an exchange arranged between two (58) , each of whom had something that the other wanted. But in time, most societies invented their own “currencies” (59) that people could exchange more. The different currencies began khổng lồ join together, which is why (60) Everyone uses a national currency. 51. A. other B. else C. another D. apart 52. A. couple B. double C. few D. several 353.

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A. slice B. part C. piece D. side 54. A. since B. past C. before D. ago 55. A. them B. it C. some D. that 56. A. or B. neither C. and D. but 57. A. had B. was C. did D. has 58. A. jobs B. things C. goods D. people 59. A. for B. so C. by D. because 60. A. today B. tomorrow C. recently D. soon 51 52 53 54 55 . 56 57 58 59 60 . II. Read the following passage and fill each numbered blank with only ONE suitable word. (10 × 0,2 = 2,0 pts) KEEPING FIT Bodies are made khổng lồ move! They are not designed for sitting around in front of the television or reading magazines. Keeping fit doesn’t (61) you have lớn be a super – athlete, and even a little exercise can give sầu you a lot of fun. When you are fit and healthy, you’ll find you look better và feel better, you’ll (62) more energy và self – confidence. Every time you move, you are exercising. The human toàn thân is designed khổng lồ bover, stretch, run, jump and climb. The (63) .it does, the stronger & fitter it will be. Best of all (64) .is fun. It’s what your body toàn thân likes doing most – keeping on the move sầu. Physical exercise is not only good (65) your toàn thân. People who take regular exercise are usually happier, more relaxed và more alert (66) .people who sit around all day. Try an experiment next time when you’re (67) a bad mood, go for a walk or play a ball game in the park. See how (68) better you feel after an hour. A sense of achievement is yet another benefit of exercise. People feel good (69) themselves when they know they have improved their fitness. People who exercise regularly will (70) you that they have sầu more energy to lớn enjoy life. So have sầu a go. You’ll soon see và feel the benefits! 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 III. Read the following passage carefully and circle the best answer: A, B, C or D (5 × 0,2 = 1,0 pt) As a result of years of research, we know that too much animal fat is bad for our health. For example, Americans eat a lot of meat & only a small amount of grains, fruit & vegetables. Because of their diet, they have sầu high rates of cancer và heart disease. In nhật bản, in contrast, people eat large amounts of grains & very little meat. The Japanese also have sầu very low rates of cancer & heart disease. In fact, the Japanese will live sầu longer than anyone else in the world. Unfortunately, when Japanese people move sầu to the USA, the rates of heart disease và cancer increase as their diet changes. Moreover, as hamburgers, ice cream, & other high – fat foods become popular in Japan, the rates of heart disease & cancer are increasing there as well. People are also eating more meat and dairy products in other countries such as Cubố, Mauritius và Hungry. Not surprisingly, the disease rates in these countries are increasing along with the change in diet. Consequently, doctors everywhere advise people khổng lồ eat more grains, fruit và vegetables & lớn eat less meat và fewer dairy products. 471.What is the main idea of this dialogue? A. Doctors advise people to lớn eat more grains, fruit and vegetables B. Eating meat causes cancer và heart diseases. C. The kind of diet we have sầu can cause or prevent diseases D. The Japanese’s rates of heart disease and cancer increase because they move lớn the USA 72.Why vị the Japanese have sầu low rates of heart disease & cancer? A. Because they eat a lot of grains and very little meat B. Because they do not eat animal fat. C. Because their diet changes. D. Because they live longer than anyone else in the world. 73.“ .the Japanese live sầu longer than anyone else in the world”. What does ANYONE ELSE mean? A. Some other people B. all other people C. most other people D. nobody toàn thân 74.“ .Moreover, as hamburgers, ice cream, and other high – fat foods become popular in Japan” . What does MOREOVER mean? A. However B. in addition C. then D. yet 75.“ the rates of heart disease & cancer are increasing there as well”. What does THERE refer to? A. In the USA B. in Cutía C. in Japan D. in Cubố, Mauritius, and Hungry 71 72 73 74 75 PART E: WRITING (5pts) I. Rewrite the following sentences beginning as shown, so that the meaning remains the same. (10 × 0,2 = 2,0 pts) 76. “I wouldn’t go swimming on a day lượt thích that if I were you”, Brain said khổng lồ Tom. -> Brain advised 77. I regret selling my oto. -> I wish 78. Don’t tell anyone if we let you into lớn the secret. -> Don’t tell anyone if you . 79. He used lớn work harder, didn’t he? -> He doesn’t . 80. They used to sew every button on by hand. ->Every button . 81. I am not good at skiing, but I’d lượt thích lớn learn. -> I don’t . 82. My brother and I are both too young to lớn drive sầu. -> Neither my brother . . . 83. I don’t have sầu money with me now, otherwise I will buy that coat. -> If I . 84. Your little brother’s hair is so long that he can’t see through it. -> Your little brother ought lớn 85. The teacher asked Tom what he was doing then. -> The teacher asked, “ ?” II. Do as directed in parentheses. (5 × 0,2 = 1,0 pt) 586. Nothing can stop us now, ?. (Complete the sentence with the correct tag) -> . 87. The teacher said khổng lồ the students, “Come here at 8 o’cloông xã tomorrow”. (Change into lớn REPORTED SPEECH) -> 88. In future, patients might be able to lớn get surgeons to persize their operations by remote controls. (Turn the sentence inlớn the PASSIVE VOICE) -> . 89. She was very tired. She couldn’t say a word. (Combine into one sentence, using SO .THAT) -> . 90. If/ down/ in/ there/ will/ you/ forests/ be/ floods/ cut/ trees/, /big/ the/ every year/ the/. (Put these words in order khổng lồ complete the sentence) -> . III. Write a paragraph about 100- 1trăng tròn words (2pts) Topic: There are 4 skills in English: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Which skill is the most difficult khổng lồ you? Why? . The end 6ĐÁP ÁN VÀ BIỂU ĐIỂM PART A: LISTENING (10 ×0,2 = 2pts) 1: acquaintance 2: days 3: dear 4: kindness 5: for 6: never 7: should 8: hand 9: cup 10: auld TAPE TRANSCRIPT: This is from unit 8, part “listen”, English 9 Auld Lang Syne Should auld acquaintance be forgot & never brought to mind? Should auld(1) acquaintance be forgot? và (2) days of auld lang syne? For auld lang syne, my (3) dear, for auld lang syne, we’ll take a cup of (4) kindness yet, (5) for auld lang syne. Should auld acquaintance be forgot & (6) never brought to lớn mind? (7) Should auld acquaintance be forgot and (8) days of auld lang syne? And here’s a (8) hvà, my trusty frikết thúc & gie’s a h& o’ thine We’ll tak’ a (9) cup o’ kindness yet for (10) auld lang syne. PART B: PHONETICS (10 ×0,2 = 2pts) I. (5 ×0,2 =1pt) 11.D 12A 13A 14B 15C II. (5 ×0.2 =1pt) 16D 17D 18C 19D 20C PART C: VOCABULARY AND GRAMMAR (6pts) I. (10 ×0,2 =2pts) 21C 22B 23A 24B 25B 26C 27C 28B 29D 30A II. (10 ×0,2 =2pts) 31: chemistry 32: scientific 33: failure 34: ambitious 35: management 36: irritating 37: artistic 38: occasionally 39: particularly 40: reasonable III. (5 ×0,2 =1pt) 41: already sweep -> had already swept 42: build -> built 43: win -> hasn’t won 44: become -> are becoming 45: stop -> will be stopped IV. (0,5× 0,2 = 1 pt) 46: in 47: in 48: on 49: of 50: of D. READING COMPREHENSION (5pts) I. (10 ×0,2 =2pts) 51B 52A 53C 54 chiều 55B 756A 57A 58D 59B 60A II. (10 ×0,1 =2pts) 61: mean 62: have 63: more 64: exercise 65: for 66: than 67: in 68: much 69: about 70: tell III. (5 ×0,2 =1pt) 71A 72A 73B 74B 75C PART E: WRITING (5pts) I. (10× 0,2 = 2pts) 76. Brain advised Tom not khổng lồ go swimming on a day like that. 77. I wish (that) I hadn’t sold my oto. 78. Don’t tell anyone if you are let inkhổng lồ the secret. 79. He doesn’t work as hard as he used lớn, does he? 80. Every button used to lớn be sewn on by h&. 81. I don’t ski very well, but I’d lượt thích lớn learn. 82. Neither my brother nor I am old enough khổng lồ drive sầu. 83. If I had money with me now, I would buy that coat. 84. Your little brother ought khổng lồ have/get his hair cut. 85. The teacher asked, “What are you doing now, Tom?” II. (5× 0,2 = 1pt) 86. Nothing can stop us, can it? 87. The teacher told/ asked the students to come there at 8 o’clochồng the next/ following morning. 88. In future, patients might be able to get their operations performed (by surgeons) by remote controls. 89. She was so tired that she couldn’t say a word. 90. If you cut down the trees in the forests, there will be big floods every year. III. (2pts) - msống bài: nêu được quan điểm của mình :tài năng như thế nào là khó tuyệt nhất (0,5 điểm) - Thân bài: nêu được tối thiểu 4 ý, mang đến ví dụ (ví như có) một phương pháp xúc tích và ngắn gọn nhằm minh chứng tmáu phục tín đồ đọc về cách nhìn của chính mình (1 điểm) - Kết bài: tóm tắt khẳng định lại quan điểm của chính mình (0,5 điểm) *Chụ ý: Các câu viết đúng ngữ pháp bắt đầu cho điểm buổi tối đa. 8