Đề Thi Tiếng Anh Lớp 5 Cuối Học Kì 2 Năm 2018

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Nội dung text: Đề khám nghiệm cuối học tập kỳ II môn Tiếng Anh Lớp 5 - Năm học 2018-2019

TRƯỜNG TIỂU HỌC KIỂM TRA CUỐI HỌC KỲ II NĂM HỌC 2018-2019 MÔN TIẾNG ANH - LỚPhường 5 Thời gian: 40 phút ít PART A.

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LISTENING Question 1. Listen and number. Question 2. Listen và tiông xã the correct picture. There is one example (0). 0. What will the weather be like tomorrow? A. B. c. 1. What’s the matter with you? A. B. C. 2. Why would you like to lớn be a writer? A. B. C. 3. What would you lượt thích to eat?A. B. C. 4. How can Linda get khổng lồ Ho Chi Minc City? A. B. C. 5. What are you doing? A. B. C. PART B. READING AND WRITING Question 3. Read and circle the odd one out. 1. A. Autumn B. Winter C. Summer D. Season 2. A. Danced B. Song C. Stayed D. Listened 3. A. Football B. Play C. Volleyball D. Badminton 4. A. Doing B. Watching C. Spring D. Reading Question 4. Read & circle the correct answer. 1. ___ is summer like in Hue? - It"s sunny & hot . A. What B. How C. Where D. Like 2. Where is the park? - Turn right. It"s ___ your left. A. at B. on C. in D. about 3. How ___ does it ___ to get there by train? - 3 hours. A. long / took B. far / take C. long / take D. far / takes 4. Which thành phố is ___, Hanoi or Hue? - Hanoi is. A. bigger B.

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big C. biger D. smaller Question 5. Read và match.A B key 1. Who’s that? a. He has a headabịt. 1.-> 2. What’s the matter with Nam? b. I’d lượt thích to lớn be a pilot. 2.-> 3. What’s your address? c. It’s Miss Hoa. 3.-> 4. What would you like to be in the future? d. It’s Dinch Hai Village. 4.-> Question 6. Read and tiông xã (v) Y (yes) or N (no) . Lan was born in Hanoi but her father was not. His hometown is in Nam Dinh Province. It is about 90 kilometres south of Hanoi. Last weekend Lan"s family went there lớn visit her grandparents. They went by train. They were happy lớn see Lan"s grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins. They came baông chồng trang chính late in the evening. Yes No 1. Lan was born in Nam Dinch Province. 2. Last Saturday Lan"s family visited her grandparents. 3. They went by coach. 4. They came baông xã late in the afternoon. Question 7 . Choose the correct answer lớn com plete the passage. Yesterday (1) a terribly cold day but Jyên (2) out without warm clothes, so he (3) a bad fever. His mother took hyên khổng lồ the doctor. The doctor gave sầu hyên (4) aspirins & said " You should (5) warm clothes và you shouldn"t go out. I think you will get better soon. " 1. A. was B. were C. is D. are 2. A. go B. going C. went D. goes 3. A. has B. have sầu C. had D. having 4. A. an B. a C. any D. some 5. A. wear B. wore C. wearing D. to wear Question 8: Put the words in order . 1. did / What/ do/ people/ when/ there./ you/the/ were? → 2. visited/ Dalat/ with/ parents./my/ I. →3. bởi / think/ What/ of/ you/ Tam/. → 4. than/ peaceful/ I/ is/more/ and/expected./ The/ life/ in/countryside. → PART C. SPEAKING 1. Greet 2. Listen và repeat 3. Point, ask và answer 4. Listen & bình luận 5. Interview