Đề Thi Vào 10 Môn Anh Lạng Sơn 2020

I. Khoanh tròn A, B, C hoặc D tương ứng cùng với từ bỏ bao gồm phần gạch chân được phân phát âm không giống cùng với phần gạch men chân của những từ sót lại. (1,25 điểm)

1.A. stampsB. clubsC. weeksD. cats

2.A. sadB. bandC. starD. man

3.A. streamB. leatherC. creamD. dream

4.A. ethnicB. earthquakeC. healthD. weather

5.A. checkB. schoolC. chemistryD. Christmas

II. Khoanh tròn A, B, C hoặc D tương xứng với lời giải đúng nhất nhằm xong câu. (2, 5 điểm)

1. Tom__________ in the post office for over three years.

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A. worksB. workedC. has workedD. would work

2. My mother is the woman__________ is holding the baby.

A. whoB. whenC. whereD. which

3. If we__________ the water, we will have no fresh water to lớn use.

A. pollutedB. pollutesC. are pollutedD. pollute

4. My brother isn’t happy at college. He says he’s bored__________ the course.

A. ofB. withC. inD. for

5. Peter was absent from class__________ he had a headache.

A. andB. althoughC. becauseD. but

6. We should avoid__________ other people personal questions.

A. askingB. askC. to askD. asked

7. Can you__________ the radio? I’m learning the lessons.

A. turn offB. turn intoC. turn onD. turn out

8. A(n) __________ is a person who supports the family with the money he/she earns.

A. facilitatorB. breadwinnerC. applicantD. evaluator

9. He__________ a decision khổng lồ retire after he had worked hard for twenty years.

A. tookB. didC. madeD. got

10. Hoa: Would you like to join our volunteer group this summer? Marry: __________

A. Do you think I would?B. Yes, I would.C. Yes, you’re a good friendD. Yes, I’d love sầu khổng lồ.

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III. Điền vào nơi trống dạng đúng của từ mang lại sẵn vào ngoặc đơn để chấm dứt câu. (1,25 điểm)

1. By learning English, you can get access to lớn the world’s __________. DEVELOP

2. The old man was walking __________ in die central park. SLOW

3. Do you remember the structures of the __________ sentences. CONDITION

4. During his __________, his family lived in the country. CHILD

5. My uncles usually __________ me lớn learn harder. COURAGE


IV. Khoanh tròn A, B, C hoặc D khớp ứng cùng với giải đáp đúng tốt nhất để chấm dứt câu. (2, 5 điểm)

Have you ever been to Britain? I’ve dreamed of going there since 1 was a little girl và finally, (1) __________ the spring of 2012, it happened. 1 was there three weeks and (2) __________ much of that time soaking up the culture, history và scenery of this incredible isl&. I paid a (3) __________ to lớn several districts in England. Wales and Scotlvà and even made a shod trip khổng lồ Ireland. Every place I went to seemed to be interesting & beautiful.

I began the tour m London. Of all the sights I saw there, the Tower of London was the most (4__________. It’s a building complex of incredibly rich history.

Also on the Thames are the Houses of Parliament &, of course, the clochồng tower housing “Big Ben”. I saw so (5) __________ landmarks I can hardly rethành viên them all.

After a couple of days in London, I traveled to lớn south of England and stopped to lớn visit Stonehenge, there are a number of links on my links page that will give sầu you much more information about it.

1.A. onB. atC. inD. of

2.A. spentB. tookC. didD. used

3.A. tourB. tripC. journeyD. visit

4.A. interestinglyB. interestedC. interestD. interesting

5.A muchB. manyC. littleD. few

Đọc đoạn vnạp năng lượng với chọn câu trả lời đúng độc nhất bằng cách khoanh tròn A, B, C hoặc D khớp ứng cho từng câu tiếp sau đây. (1,25 điểm)

Have sầu you ever entered a tropical rainforest? It’s a special, dark place completely different from anywhere else. A rainforest is a place where the trees grow very tall. Millions of kinds of animals, insects, & plants live sầu in the rainforest. It is hot & humid in a rainforest It rains a lot in the rainforest, but sometimes you don’t know it’s raining. The trees grow so closely together that rain doesn’t always reach the ground.

Rainforests trang điểm only a small part of the Earth’s surface, about six percent. They are found in tropical parts of the world. The largest rainforest in the world is the Amazon in South America. It covers about five million square kilometers. There are also rainforest in Western Africa, Central America, Southeast Asia, Northeastern nước Australia and the Pacific Islands.

Rainforests provide us with many things. In fact, the Amazon Rainforest is called the “lungs of ourplanet” because it produces 20% of the world’s oxyren. In the rainforests, we can see half of the world’s species of animals, plants and insects. Furthermore, 80% of the food we eat first and 2S% of the drugs we take come from rainforests. Some of these drugs are even used to lớn fight and cure cancer. With all the good things rainforests give us. it’s surprising to lớn find that people are destroying them. A lot of trees ore being cut – down và countless valuable species are being driven lớn the extinction. It creates many problems worldwide such as more pollution, less rain, & less oxyren for the world.

1. What is the main idea of the passage?

A. Kinds of rainforests

B. Where rainforests are located

C. Facts about rainforests

D. How much oxygen rainforests make

2. You would find a rainforest in_________.

A. North West America

B. Southeast Australia

C. Northeast Asia

D. Western Africa

3. Why is the Amazon Rainforest called the “lungs of the planet”?

A. It helps us breathe

B. It uses much of the world’s oxygen

C. It helps khổng lồ circulate the air

D. It provides much of our air

4. What does the word “it” in paragraph 2 refer to?

A. the tropical part

B. the Amazon rainforest

C. South America

D. the Earth’s surface

5. The word “valuable” in paragraph 3 is closest in meaning to__________.

A. very useful & important

B. not precious enough

C. having khổng lồ value

D. able be replaced


VI. Hoàn thành câu với từ gợi ý làm thế nào cho gồm nghĩa giống như với câu đang đến. (1,25 điểm)