How To Crack Desktop Icon Toy

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Desktop Ibé Toy is a desktop enhancement tool that helps you lớn arrange your desktop icons in several different patterns Like Circle, Heart, Square & lots more. You can also have sầu your own pattern và can save sầu the pattern in the Desktop Inhỏ Toy.

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In simple words, you can toy with desktop icons. Use the hot keys to lớn change your desktop icon layout and have fun!!

System Requirement :Windows NT4/2000/XP/2003/Vista (32/64 bits)/Windows 7 và 8 (32/64 bits) operating system
Screenshots( Cliông xã on the Images to lớn view it in Sandbox )


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Cursor FX provides themes for cursors in windows desktop. More than 1000 themes are available for download.

This post shows 30+ Awesome Cursor FX themes with high tải về and view count.

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Fences is a program that organizes desktop icons using transparent glass like fences, groups icons as of user"s desire and highly customizable.LogonStudio provides an easy way lớn change Logon Screen in seconds. Choose an Image as background và cliông chồng on Apply khổng lồ save changes.

RunMe is an application Launcher for windows with awesome looks và various customerizable themes.

Desktop Inhỏ Toy is a desktop enhancement tool that helps you khổng lồ arrange your desktop icons in several different patterns Like Circle, Heart, Square & lots more.

Water desktop is a software that provides a look like falling raindrops in your desktop. One can make ripple by moving mouse pointer và can hear thunders and tweedle.

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Virtual Girl HD is a software that provides Dancing Virtual Girls in your Desktop. These girls are of HD chất lượng. They will dance & strip on your windows taskbar.

Winstep Nexus provides doông xã for windows. Highly customizable docks with wonderful look.

Winstep xtreme provides themes for windows. Lots of themes available for tải về. It can completely change the look of your desktop.

Vienmãng cầu is best Sidebar lớn have in Windows. It has awesome look and several in-build quick buttons lớn acces media player and hard disk drives.

Circle doông chồng is a highly customerized circular menu lớn quickly access your favourite programs. It also comes with beautiful appearance và behavior.

Start Menu 7 Pro is best software to lớn replace windows Start Menu with lots of features & customizable too.

Vienmãng cầu Doông xã comes with Application bar with 33 most commonly used apps, Cloông xã (Analog), Player with play/pause,stop,previous,next,open và synchronisation