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Some users on Dota 2 community discussions have misconceptions about how the report system works. Here is a guide on how khổng lồ use the report feature & other relevant information about the report system. How can I report someone? Only the players who have sầu been in the match with an offending player can report them. No-one on the forums can report anyone for you, even if someone else searches the player protệp tin in the Dota 2 client. This is done to prevent abuse. After the match is fin...

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First of all, compliments for checking this thread and being vigilant.The short answer is: Until proven otherwise, assume the trang web is indeed a scam. There are many more scam sites out there than legitimate sites & it"s impossible for us...
It might seem fine, but trading is not allowed in this sub-diễn đàn. Why isn’t it allowed? It"s simple.Firstly, there is a dedicated Trading Sub ForumVoid/delete/remove sầu the mmr gain và loss for every match associated with a banned smurf, bought tài khoản, or booster. Boosted accounts would be erased with this 1 change
Уже не знаю, что делать. Дота 2 просто начала лагать сильно, просто зависала, приходилось снимать задачу или же когда вызывала диспетчер задач, то вроде всё вставало на свои места, но так в течение катки могло происходить несколько раз и это не очень хорошо. Решила переустановить д...

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Столкнулся с такой проблемой. На скриншоте видно, что у меня рыцарь 1, у друга рыцарь 4, нас закинуло вообще к героям, где баланс, Valve?...
I started with DotA,before some admins here saw their first PC. You destroyed this game totally with some ""CONDUCT SUMMARY"" , i"m stucked with 800 . Can"t win a single game,because guess what,i"m muted till i get 3000 :D This game popularity getting worse...
After update game, workcửa hàng dota 2 tools can"t run with Windows 7 (64bit)."Running Source2 tools requires windows 10 Version 1903 (Build 18263) or later."
After I"ve sầu installed Dota 2 the game asked for a change of API in order to lớn run smoothly. The problem is that this change afected my frame rate in another game. How can I change baông chồng this option?
Why bởi I have sầu high packet loss since the last update? I don"t have a problem with my ping, & my network is fine since I can play other games without having a problem with it.
So, I"m trying lớn play Dota with a friend at my place. Problem is, we can"t connect to lớn the same game without my friend getting insane lag spikes out of nowhere, frequently making the game unplayable. We"ve sầu tested this repeatedly, và it ONLY happens when we try to lớn buổi tiệc nhỏ up và play the same game. We can both play Dota just fine in our own separate games.We tried the "+clientport 207XX" launch option from within Steam và via the userconfig.cfg file, both to lớn no avail. I"m not finding much else in the ...
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