Do you copy?

Developed for Windows & Mac by Space Octopus Studquả táo, Do You Copy? was released on Gamejolt in January of 2018 lớn a barrage of nearly perfect Review. They received a 4.5/5 average throughout 386 ratings, and for good reason.

Do You Copy? is a terrifying midnight adventure, taking place in Tower 4, deep in a fictional forest known as Gracewind Park. You are working as a watchman, và it is just another normal night in the park. You show up, watch the woods lớn make sure everything is okay, & listen khổng lồ the radio in case any late-night wanderers need assistance.

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When your fellow watchmen head off for the night, everything is still going smoothly. However, it isn’t long before a serious situation arises: A hiker is lost, and signals to lớn you through the radio asking for help.

You can hear the angst in his voice, but not everything may be as it seems. It’s up to you khổng lồ use your resources khổng lồ guide the hiker to safety. On the wall sits a maps of the park, notes, all there with the purpose of providing you information on how to help the lost man.

The maps gives vital landmarks that lead back lớn the watchtower, but be careful. The hiker claims to lớn be getting chased by something, but there isn’t one single point in the game where you can be truly sure that the hiker himself is on the phone.

The voice on the other kết thúc of the radio is trying lớn figure out your location so they can come to lớn you, whether it be the actual hiker or something else. There’s also a spotlight that can be shined as a hint to lớn where your tower is, but be weary of the newspaper clippings on the wall that tell of missing hikers & rumors of a creature that can perfectly mimic human voices. It’s called the Goatman.

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There are several endings to the game, all of which are quite obvious. Both you & the hiker can survive sầu, both can die, or only one survives. Do You Copy? takes an extremely strong wit & lots of patience, và it’s almost certain that you’ll kết thúc up running through the game a few times.

All of the action takes place within the watchtower, and all you can vị is look out into the forest. It is up lớn you to lớn interpret the information given on the boards correctly in order to lớn comprehkết thúc what’s actually going on, which can get complicated. The atmosphere is so intense, so unforgivingly scary, neglecting lớn thảm bại a step in its terror at any point in the game despite not using any jumpscares or other typical horror game aspects.

It is a quality concept that has never been created or utilized before, và the indie company did an amazing job with it. Definitely one of the most impressive sầu indie horror games around, the petrifying situation combines with the soundtraông xã lớn deeply immerse you in a way that makes you want to shut your lights off and crawl beneath the covers.

All of the versatile graphics và sounds are very impressive, và it’s extremely shocking khổng lồ learn that the original game was created in just 48 hours for Asylum Jam 2017. Overall, Do You Copy? is extremely complete, in-depth, and gamers can rejoice in its $0.00 price tag on Gamejolt.