Romance Of The Three Kingdoms Xi With Power Up Kit On Steam

Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI, also called as Sangokushi 11 (RTK 11), is the 11th installment in the famous Romance of the Three Kingdoms series from Koei. The game was released on March 17, 2006 for PC in nhật bản, và later Traditional Chinese version in Taiwan on July 27. Official English Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI version for PC announced on April 23, 2008, lớn be released on July 29 in North America. However, the release date was delayed until 9 September 2008. There is an expansion paông chồng for the PC version, but was not included in the English language, is available only in Eastern markets. This marked the return of a PC version of Koei’s Romance of the Three Kingdoms for the English market, which has not happened since November 30, 1995, with the U.S. release “Romance of the Three Kingdoms IV:. Wall of Fire”

Some of the 3D models in Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI is borrowed from Dynasty Warriors 4. 32 historical figures rather than the Three Kingdoms era can be unlocked after the player completes all courses game.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI Trailer / ScreenShots

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Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI System Requirements



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