Install Vmware Workstation 14 On Windows


If you want lớn thiết lập a lab for testing ordevelopment you can create virtual machines with the help of VMware Workstationsoftware. You don’t need to procure additional hardware to thiết đặt test/dev machines,this can all be done with virtual machines. In this article, I will explain the step-by-step processto lớn configure VMware workstation so we can build virtual Squốc lộ Server environmentsfor testing & development.

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Technology is changing very frequently these days andso are the hàng hóa versions. We don’t want to buy server hardware for non-criticalrequirements. These days, companies are going to lớn either the cloud or adopting virtualizationto reduce the cost on hardware procurement. And if we talk about lab testing or developmentenvironments, the industry will prefer not lớn put extra money inkhổng lồ buying new hardwareor servers.

VMware has created a very good solution known as VMwareWorkstation to lớn create multiple virtual machines with different operating systemson one single host hệ thống or computer. You can install it on your computer khổng lồ createthese servers with any type of operating system & you can bởi vì your testing or POC.

I am going to lớn demonstrate how khổng lồ install this softwareon your windows server or computer to create multiple servers with distinct operatingsystems to lớn fulfill your requirements.

Install VMware Workstation Step by Step

1 - First, we willdownload the VMware Workstation installer from the VMwarewebsite. I am installing VMware Workstation Pro 14 on a Windows server for this article.You can see the downloaded file of the installer in the screenshot below.


2 - Now, right cliông chồng on the tệp tin above sầu and choose "Run as Administrator"to launch the installer window. You will see the welcome page as shown in the imagebelow. It might take some time khổng lồ load the full page as can be seen in the differencebetween the screenshot below và the image in step 3.


3 - Once the welcome screen is loaded select "Next" lớn goto the next window.


4 - The next screen will ask you lớn accept the license agreement for this software.Cliông xã on the kiểm tra box given for accepting the license terms then select "Next".

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5 - The next window will allow you to lớn select the installation location for thissoftware. You can change the location by clicking "Change" as shownin the screenshot below. If you want khổng lồ configure the enhanced keyboard drive tobe installed for your virtual machines, select the kiểm tra box as shown below. Click"Next"once you have chosen the location & enhanced keyboard driver option.


6 - The next screen will ask you khổng lồ enable the hàng hóa updates for this software.If you choose this option, the software will be updated automatically by the systemif any updated version of the software is released in the future. You can opt out,to manually apply the update by deselecting this option as shown below.

An option isgiven khổng lồ participate in the VMware Customer Experience Improvement program by selectingthe checkbox. If you don’t want this, deselect the checkbox.

I don’t want to acceptany of above sầu options, so I have sầu deselected both by clicking on the checkboxes asshown in image below. Cliông xã on "Next" to go to lớn the next image.

7 - The next screen will ask you to select options for shortcuts. You can choosewhich shortcuts you want.

8 - The last screen of the configuration asks you lớn click "Install"khổng lồ start the installation. If you have sầu already chosen all options correctly, goahead & hit the "Install" button to lớn start the installation.

9 - Once you clichồng "Install", installation will be started and theprogress bar will be displayed as shown in the image below.

Below are some more screenshots of the installation progress bar I captured.You can see different components are being deleted và added per the installationprogram.