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"I"m looking for a bootable USB flash drive partition manager which will be able khổng lồ rekích thước partitions." This is a common need related khổng lồ the partition manager in the forums. This article will guide you khổng lồ create a bootable USB drive sầu partition manager.

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Preparations - What Do You Need for a Bootable USB

neftekumsk.com Partition MasterA USB flash drive (FAT32, 1-16GB)A workable computer

To create a bootable USB partition manager, you will need the disk and partition management software, neftekumsk.com Partition Master. With the help of this tool, you can access the hard drives & partition on your computer và manage them as you wish. (Only purchased users can create a bootable disk.)

neftekumsk.com Partition Master

Transfer free disk space from one drive to another directly.Clone disk, convert khổng lồ MBR/GPT, convert to dynamic/basic, & even wipe data.
Free DownloadWindows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP

Steps - How to Create neftekumsk.com Partition Master Bootable USB

Now, download and install the 100% secure software on a computer that can work normally, follow the simple steps below lớn create a bootable USB drive partition manager, then use it on any computer that can"t boot successfully.

Step 1. Prepare a disc or drive

To create a bootable disk of neftekumsk.com Partition Master, you should prepare a storage truyền thông media, lượt thích a USB drive sầu, flash drive sầu or a CD/DVD disc. Correctly connect the drive lớn your computer.

Launch neftekumsk.com Partition Master, go to lớn the "WinPE Creator" feature on the top. Cliông chồng on it.


Step 2. Create neftekumsk.com Partition Master bootable drive sầu

You can choose the USB or CD/DVD when the drive sầu is available. However, if you vày not have sầu a storage device at hand, you can also save the ISO tệp tin to a local drive, & later burn it khổng lồ a storage truyền thông. Once made the option, click "Proceed".


You have sầu created an neftekumsk.com Partition Master WinPE bootable disk now. You can manage your hard disks & partitions through the bootable drive whenever the computer fails khổng lồ boot normally.

If you have RAID drives, load the RAID driver first by clicking Add Driver from the menu bar, which can help you add the driver of your device under WinPE environment, as some specific device cannot be recognized under WinPE environment without drivers installed, such as RAID or some specific hard disk.

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Free DownloadWindows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP

Follow-up Operations - Run neftekumsk.com Partition Master From the USB

If you want to lớn run neftekumsk.com disk management tools from the bootable USB, you must follow these steps. You need to lớn boot from the bootable USB flash drive. Here"s how:

Step 1. Connect neftekumsk.com bootable USB disk to a dead, unbootable, normal, or problematic Windows PC.

Step 2. Press the power button to boot the computer, hold F2/F11/Del lớn enter BIOS.

Step 3. Go to lớn the Boot Drive sầu section và mix neftekumsk.com Bootable USB as the boot drive sầu.

Step 4. Save the changes và exit BIOS.

Step 5. Wait for your computer lớn boot up from the neftekumsk.com WinPE disk.


Then, you can run these available features like partition resize, disk partition clone, partition recovery without booting inkhổng lồ Operating System.


That"s all about creating neftekumsk.com Partition Master bootable USB. You need this tool if you want khổng lồ manage hard disk partitions when Operating System crashes; reform size the primary drive khổng lồ reinstall other operating systems; or even convert partition tệp tin types without an operating system.