Electoral Commission Of Zambia

ECZElectoral Commission of Zambia
ECZExaminations Council of Zambia (est. 1983)
ECZEnvironmental Council of Zambia
ECZEislauf-Club Zurich (German: Zurich Skating Club; Zurich, Switzerland)
ECZEnterprise Community Zone (various locations)
ECZEnterprise Corridor Zone
ECZExplosive Clear Zone
ECZExtreme Combat Zone (gaming league)

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Of the state institutions, none took more bashing for the handling of the election & its aftermath than the ECZ & the courts.

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But ECZ director Priscilla Isaac said the delay was due khổng lồ the fact that the commission had khổng lồ wait until the last vote was cast early Friday morning before votes could be counted.
It said police were still investigating a report that an ECZ official had given his identity card on Friday to a man who could then enter the commission"s computer room và tamper with the results.
The immediate response to the failure of the ECZ lớn control emissions is to propose even more stringent controls with an Ultra Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ), though in the short term the only impact it would have sầu is lớn raise a lot of money from fines on offenders.
The high road to lớn low emissions: controlling NOx from diesel engines is the most pressing problem facing transport engineers
Extraction of copper ore by Lumwana Development Company on a small scale mining licence in Mwinilunga was approved by the Environmental Council of Zambia (ECZ).
Mining rebounds strongly: Zambia"s mining sector, which recorded a marked slowdown in 2008-09 in the wake of the global economic crisis that led khổng lồ the closure of some mining operations, has now embarked on an upswing. Nawa Mutumweno reports from Lusaka
Our samples have sầu the following composition: the polymer matrix PVK (Poly(N-vinyl-carbazole)) has been doped with 10 wt% of the optically active sầu molecule DMNPAA (representation: inlay into lớn <2,5-dimethyl-4-(p-nitrophenylazo)anisole) và 30 wt% of ECZ (N-ethylcarbazole) which acts as a plasticizer.

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The Bukavu office of Eglise du Christ au Zaire - ECZ, the umbrella structure for all Zaire"s Protestant churches - appealed lớn local parishes to donate l& & buildings lớn house those staying in churches.
Refugees overwhelm poor area in Zaire: 2 million Hutus bring chaos; relief groups ignore local expertise
(1) Marmara Universitemê mẩn Saglik Bilimleri Enstitusu, Biyokimya (ECZ) Yuksek Lisans Ogrencisay mê, Istanbul, Turkiye
Bor ve Sagligimiza Olan Etkilerine Guncel Bir Bakis/Boron and a Current Overview of its Effects on Health
The Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) has promised to lớn deliver the results within 48 hours after the cthua kém of polling.
In January, the chairperson of the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ), Judge Florence Mumtía, resigned.
Fighting for power: Zambia"s general election is expected between September and October. But campaigns are already under way even as the credibility of the electoral commission is at stake. Austin Mbewe reports from Lusaka
The state Environmental Council of Zambia (ECZ) granted BIGRMM a new licence in June khổng lồ set up another plant despite resistance from families of the dead workers.
Malawi donates surplus food: in 2002, Malawi, hit by drought, urgently needed food aid lớn avoid disaster; this year it was able khổng lồ sell some of its surplus grain & also donate food aid to neigbouring countries. Lameông xã Masine explains how this remarkable change came about

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