Embolization là gì

the action of deliberately blocking the flow of blood in a particular blood vessel by putting material into lớn the blood:

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Unlike hysterectomies, uterine artery embolization is not 100 percent effective for treating fibroids.

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In the embolization of systemic-to-pulmonary collaterals, which is the main indication for this procedure in children, secondary migration occurs towards branch pulmonary arteries.
The major risk has been embolization of the device lớn the pulmonary arteries or, more rarely, khổng lồ the aorta.
The presently available coil techniques, however, are considered unsafe because of risk of unwanted loss of the coil during the embolization maneuver.
In all these patients, embolization resulted in prompt clinical improvement, enabling them to be weaned from the ventilator.
One patient with unbuttoning without embolization, developed hemolysis & was operated on two weeks after implantation; the other patients are doing well.
Migration of the device during therapeutic embolization is a recognized complication, which can be satisfactorily dealternative text with by transcatheter retrieval without recourse khổng lồ surgery.

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Their study demonstrated clearly the hazard of rapid cooling and extensive sầu gaseous embolization of the cerebral circulation.
Migration of a coil khổng lồ a right branch pulmonary artery occurred at an attempt of embolization of another collateral.
Since this patient was a sibling of patient number 4, the parents requested an initial trial of steroid therapy instead of embolization.
Although no intracardiac thrombus was detected, the stroke & the arterial embolization were considered to lớn be of cardiac origin.