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By using a different VLAN tag for each customer we can separate the traffic from different customers và also transparently transfer it throughout the service provider network. Above sầu you see two routers called R1 và R2, imagine these routers are the customer sites that we want lớn connect through the service provider network which consists of SW1, SW2 và SW3. Our customer wants khổng lồ use VLAN 12 between the two sites and expects our service provider to transport this from one site lớn another.

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In my example our customer will be using VLAN 12 for traffic between their sites. The service provider has decided lớn use VLAN lớn transport everything for this customer. Basically this is what will happen when we sover frames between R1 and R R1 and R2 are both configured with sub-interfaces & use subnet All their frames are tagged as VLAN First I will configure The service provider will use VLAN lớn transfer everything from our customer.

The switchport mode dot1q-tunnel command tells the switch to lớn tag the traffic và switchport access vlan command is required lớn specify the Q-in-Q VLAN of The only thing we see are the interfaces that are configured for dot1q tunneling.

A good way khổng lồ prove that the service provider switches are really tunneling the frames from the customer is by looking at the trunks between SW1, SW2 and SW Another good way lớn prove this is by looking at spanning-tree:.


The tag on the left side is the tag from the ISP., I should probably have used the same color for the customer tag. I find this Cisco series router config document regards to QinQ Could you please explain Jumbo Frame in plain English.

Cổng truy nã nhập (access) cùng trung kế (trunk) bên trên Switch -

MTU - Maximum transmission unit - this is the largest physical packet size measured in bytes that a network can transmit. Any packet larger than this MTU is divided or fragmented into lớn smaller packets before transmission. The standard MTU on an Ethernet network is bytes plus the kích cỡ of the L2 header và frame check sequence which is an additional 18 bytes.Forums New posts Search forums. What"s new New posts New profile posts Lathử nghiệm activity. Members Current visitors New protệp tin posts Search protệp tin posts.

Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter root Start date Feb 11, Tags cau hinc subinterface cau hinch vlan cho switch cisteo cau hinch vlan switch cisteo cau hinc vlan trunk cau hinh vlan trunking cau hinc vto cisco cau hinch vtp rephối revision number cisco switch revision number cisteo switch vlan trunking protocol cisco.

Switch config-if switchport mode access. Switch config-if switchport access vlan n. Switch config vlan 2 Switch config-vlan name sale. Router config-subif encapsulation dot1Q n Router config-subif ip address Switch show vlan. Switch show interface trunk.

Switch config-if switchport nonegotiate. Switch show vtp status. Last edited: Jul 25, RPT New Member. You must log in or register khổng lồ reply here.I am using Cisteo Packet Tracer. This is configuration on switch TT. I want move this configuration. But I go these output. How khổng lồ move sầu this line? Is this a Cisco Pcket Tracer bug? In real switch, will it happen? What should I vì to lớn move sầu this configuration? SW2 config-if no switchport mode access. Command rejected: An interface must be configured to lớn the Access or Trunk modes khổng lồ be configured lớn NoNegotiate.

SW1 config-if switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q. SW1 config-if switchport mode trunk. SW1 config-if switchport nonegotiate. Agree with Martin, PT has its limitations on configs & supported feature-set. Conclusion: It is a bug of the Cisco Packet Tracer software.

When I program a switches interface, as others have said it is either going to lớn be an access port or a trunk port. In packet tracer you can assign a VLAN to lớn the interface. A is only a layer 2 switch so you can only change the port function lớn either access or trunk.

It cant be a router port. I did "switchport nonegotiate", it didn"t work. I also did what you said about "switchport access vlan 10" & then "no switchport access vlan 10". It only took out "switchport access vlan 10". I enter the comm& "switchport nonegotiate". After I enter "switchport nonegotiate", Negotiation of Trunking status is still "on".

SW2 config-if vị show run. If you encounter a technical issue on the site, please open a support case. Communities: Chinese Japanese Korean. All Rights Reserved.The interface range commvà was expanded lớn enable configuration of subinterfaces. This capability simplifies configurations and reduces commvà parsing.

Identical commands can be entered once for a range of subinterfaces, rather than being entered separately for each subinterface. The commands are not batched together for execution after you exit interface configuration mode. If you exit interface configuration mode while the commands are being executed, some commands might not be executed on some interfaces in the range. Wait until the comm& prompt reappears before exiting interface configuration mode.

You must delete individual subinterfaces khổng lồ delete a range. Cisteo IOS software is packaged in feature sets that tư vấn specific platforms. To get updated information regarding platkhung tư vấn for this feature, access Feature Navigator. Feature Navigator dynamically updates the menu of supported platforms as new platform tư vấn is added for the feature. Feature Navigator is a web-based tool that enables you khổng lồ quickly determine which Cisco IOS software images support a specific phối of features and which features are supported in a specific Cisco IOS image.

To access Feature Navigator, you must have an trương mục on Cisco. If you have sầu forgotten or lost your tài khoản information, skết thúc a blank e-mail lớn cco-locksmith cisco. An automatic kiểm tra will verify that your e-mail address is registered with Cisteo. If the kiểm tra is successful, account details with a new random password will be e-mailed to you. Qualified users can establish an tài khoản on Cisteo. To configure a range of VLAN subinterfaces, use the following commands beginning in global configuration mode:.

Note The spaces around the dash are required. For example, the commvà interface range fastethernet 1 - 5 is valid; the command interface range fastethernet is not valid. Router config-int-range encapsulation dot1Q vlan-id.It"s seemingly a two horse race at the top of the Ligue 1 scoring charts too, with the bookmaker unable khổng lồ split Neymar and team mate Edinson Cavani at this point.

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Network Ports - Access Ports vs Trunk Port, What"s the difference?

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