Rescue excel file with error: “excel cannot open the file because the file format or file extension is not valid”

Got an important tệp tin but it won’t open on your Excel 2010/ 13/ 16 and 19 or any of the older versions because the format of the tệp tin is wrong? This guide has all the solutions to open files that cannot open in excel because of the tệp tin format.


Step 3: Select the corrupt file & choose xuất hiện và Repair option

Step 4: Cliông chồng on Repair lớn start repairing


After following all the steps, you should be able lớn access the corrupted tệp tin.

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Part 3: Quichồng Fixes for "Excel Cannot xuất hiện the File.xlsx" Error with Safe Mode

If the file cannot be opened by Excel, you can try to run Excel in safe mode to lớn see if the tệp tin can be opened smoothly. This method also checks if there are any errors in MS Excel. For this, you need lớn,

STEP 1: Go khổng lồ the start menu and type run command

STEPhường. 2: Once the dialog box opens, type excel/safe in run command and cliông xã on the OK button


STEP 3: Cheông chồng for any add-ins that are causing problems in Excel

STEP 4: Disable the add-ins và cliông chồng on the OK button

STEP 5: Restart Excel to check if the problem is fixed or not

Part 4: One- Stop Solution khổng lồ Fix This Excel Error: Stellar File Repair

Stellar File Repair is an all in one tool that can help restore corrupt files easily & efficiently. Stellar File Repair repairs corrupt MS Excel sheets without causing any modification in their original content và formatting. This ensures accurate restored data that are saved khổng lồ their original location on the hard disk, or any user-specified location. With the Stellar File Repair, here is how you repair a corrupt tệp tin in Excel.

First, get the Stellar File Repair for Excel và activate the software with an activation key that will be provided lớn you when you purchase the sản phẩm. Once that is done, let us go through to lớn the steps of recovering a corrupt tệp tin in Excel using Stellar File Repair for Excel.

STEPhường 1: Download và Run the Stellar Repair of Excel

STEP 2: A dialogue box appears on the screen, clichồng on OK khổng lồ proceed


STEPhường. 3: To select the corrupt XLS, or XLSX file on your computer, cliông xã "Browse Button". If you do not know the location of your XLS, or XLSX tệp tin, the software provides you the option to search for the files in "Search"


STEPhường 4: Select the checkboxes beside the files that you want lớn be repaired và cliông xã "Repair". This will start the scanning process.


STEPhường 5: The menu of files that the software has scanned is displayed in the tree-view on the left plane. Cliông chồng on a file from this tree-view to lớn see its pReview in the middle plane. From this các mục, you can select the tệp tin that you want to recover.


STEPhường 6: You can either select the "Default location of file" or "Select New Folder" in the " Save Document" dialog box khổng lồ save sầu the repaired files.

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Next time you try to open a file & Excel cannot open it because of the tệp tin format, use the methods in this article khổng lồ repair your file. If all fail, use the Stellar File Repair for Excel as a sure shot way to repair & restore data be it single or multiple workbooks, and saves them to lớn their original location on the hard disk or any other destination that you desire.

People Also Ask

Q1: Can I repair a corrupted Microsoft Excel spreadsheet?

Have you tried of all of these & Excel still cannot open the tệp tin because of the tệp tin format? Don"t worry, you still have sầu one last method you can use. The Stellar File repair for Excel will vị the job for you without any hassle. Download the software, run the application, choose or search for the files you want to lớn be repaired and let the software repair và restore the files with full accuracy. You can even repair more than one corrupted tệp tin at a time. And it also offers you with a variety of tools that can fix other functions of Excel.

Q.2. What are all the Excel-related errors that this tool can fix?

Want lớn know what other Excel- related errors that this tool can fix? There are a lot of other repairs that can be carried out with this tool.

Other Excel- Related problems this tool can fix include:

Repairs user-defined chartRepairs chart sheetRepairs chart formattingRepairs Cell Comment (for binary format)Repairs Series TrendlineRepairs Conditional formatting rulesRepairs Worksheet Property (freeze panes, split, gridlines, formula bar)Repairs Sort và Filter settingRepairs Group & SubtotalRepairs Images, Charts, & engineering formulasRepairs Same Height of Rows và ColumnsRepairs all Cell Comment (for Excel 2007, 2010 only)Repairs all Merge CellsRepairs all hidden sheets & columnsRepairs all shared formulasRepairs all text và numbers and tables from the original Excel SheetRepairs all embedded functions from the original Excel Sheet

Stellar File Repair for Excel is not only limited lớn repairing & restoring corrupt excel files but carries out an array of repair functions within Excel. Therefore, Stellar File Repair for Excel is a one-stop solution for all of Excel problems.

Q3. How long does this tool take to lớn recover a corrupted Excel Sheet?

The scanning time depends upon the corruption level, form size, and the number of Excel Sheets. If the process is running that means that software is still scanning the corrupted tệp tin and you must wait for the scanning process khổng lồ complete. Once the scanning is complete, you will get the repaired file at the selected destination.