Uploading and syncing files

Google Drive sầu makes it easy to lớn store và access your files online in the cloud, allowing you to lớn access them from any computer with an Internet connection. If you upload files from compatible programs lượt thích Microsoft Word or Excel, you can even edit them in Google Drive. Watch the đoạn Clip below to lớn learn how to lớn upload files lớn Google Drive sầu.

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Uploading files lớn Google Drive

Google Drive gives you 15 gigabytes (15GB) of không tính tiền storage space khổng lồ upload files from your computer and store them in the cloud. There are two main types of files you can store on your Google Drive:

Files you can edit, like Microsoft Office files, PDFs, and other text-based filesFiles you cannot edit, lượt thích music, videos, compressed archives (.zip files), và most other files

Once you upload a file—no matter what type of file it is—you'll be able khổng lồ manage, organize, share, và access it from anywhere. And because the files on Google Drive sầu are synced across your devices, you'll always see the most recent version of a tệp tin.

You can also pReviews many different file types, even if you don't have sầu the software required for that tệp tin on your computer. For example, you can use Google Drive to previews a Photoshop tệp tin, even if Photosiêu thị is not installed on your current computer.

Converting files khổng lồ Google Drive sầu formats

If you are uploading files you plan khổng lồ edit online, you will need lớn convert them to Google Drive format. Converting allows you to lớn edit a file & collaborate with others easily. Only certain tệp tin types—lượt thích Microsoft Office files & PDF documents—can be converted to Google Drive sầu formats.

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Unfortunately, this conversion isn't always perfect. Depending on the level of formatting used in the original document, the converted document could turn out looking quite different, as shown in the example below.

Conversion changes aren't always just cosmetic—you may even thất bại information from the original file. You should always reviews a file that's been converted before sharing it with others. Remember, you always have sầu the option khổng lồ store your files in their original tệp tin format if you'd prefer not khổng lồ edit files online.

Uploading files and folders

It's easy to lớn upload files from your computer to Google Drive sầu. If you're using the Google Chrome web browser, you can even upload entire folders.

To upload a file:From Google Drive sầu, locate và select the New button, then select File upload.