Farm Away!

A beginner's guide to lớn make the most of your time in the addicting sản phẩm điện thoại game, Farm Away!

An addicting Mobile newcomer has hit Android và iOS -- Farm Away!It"scaptured the attention of users everywhere, and has rakedin an impressive sầu tens of thousands of downloads in just a few weeks.

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Fans of the infamous Farmville and other idle social games will definitely fall for this game, since it basically follows the general structure of all the idle games before it.

Just lượt thích all those that preceded Farm Away!, the object of the game is khổng lồ make money. Your time & resources are your most valuable assets. Follow these Farm Away tipsto lớn ensure you"re making the most amount of gold in the least amount of time.


Tip #1: Always nâng cấp your newest crops & carrots


It seems lượt thích a good idea lớn save money while you"re adding new crops và building your farm -- you need money lớn keep expanding, after all. But continuing to lớn invest in your crops isconsistently the fastestway khổng lồ make the most money.

If you sit on low-kết thúc crops, your income will slowly drag on and on. You can spend your gold on upgrading your crops by clicking on the shovel ibé at the bottom, then clicking on the crop you want to upgrade.

Start with the newest crop! They raông chồng in the most amount of money và take the longest to lớn grow, so make the waiting worth it by upgrading as much as you can. It also makes the crops grow faster, so all in all this produces quicker income.

Don"t skip over the carrots

After you take care of the top tier crop, use the rest in the carrots!

Once you nâng cấp them where they are automatically gathering themselvesand they cost no time lớn create, they will generateway more income than the cows & a little more than the pigs.

Spover ALL of your gold on upgrades ALL the time

Leave sầu no gold unspent! In this game the best way lớn make money is to spend it, so make sure you areconstantly upgrading crops until you have no money khổng lồ vị so anymore.

Don"t stop!

Tip #2: Always watch the ads


Every now and then you"ll see a popup in the middle of the screen letting you know that you can trade watching an ad for some sort of bonus.

Always say yes. Every. Single. Time.

As tempting as it is khổng lồ cchiến bại out of whatever is in your way as fast as you can to lớn keep your crops rolling out dough, you must resist! These ads are usually only ~30 seconds long, và you can always mix your phone down todo something else while it"s playing.

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Once it"s over, the benefits will absolutely outweigh the minute it took to lớn play out the ad.

Tip #3: Use the shop... wisely


By clicking on the rake ibé in the top right h& corner, you can access the shop and nâng cấp your land as a whole instead of just your crop production.

Do this often because just like the tip before this one, the perks generally outweigh the gold cost lớn unloông xã them.

Automate your Crops

For example, one of the best upgrades you can purchase is the automated crop harvesting, because that allows the game to keep runningwhile you"re doing other things lượt thích sleeping or driving. This maximizes your time spent more than any other tăng cấp, because you"re literally earning money for doing nothing at all.

Be Careful SpendingGems

The diamonds are much harder khổng lồ gain than in-game gold, so wait to purchase upgrades with these until you can unlockInsta-Seed orPlant Food.

These upgrades are the most important, because they"re permanent and the most worthwhile. Spending them on time skips is worthless.

Spover your Seeds Though!

You can"t really go wrong with these upgrades, since there are no bad choices so spkết thúc away!

Tip #4: Use your social media


Not as if you expected anything less, but you can connect the game khổng lồ your Facebook trương mục và your friends can give you buffs and power-ups to maximize your income.

*Disclaimer: Be wary & discerning with this, as no one likes an unwanted social truyền thông game inviter. Using this method khổng lồ sendendless notifications to unsuspecting friends is frowned upon và may cause a greater rift in friendships than Mario Party.

Start growing your crops today!


Now that you"re fully equipped to lớn grab your new farm by the blueberries, you can download the game on any iOS in the Apple Store or Android device in the Play Store.

Keep these tips in mind while you play and you"ll be the richest farmer in all of the virtual world.