We’re just days away from kicking off the newFIFA Ultimate Tneftekumsk.commsneftekumsk.comson, & we want to giới thiệu news how we’re making your FUT 16 experience fun, fair, and secure. Here’s the update on what you can expect from FUT in FIFA 16.

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Transfer Market Available in Web và Companion Apps


To kiông chồng off the new Ultimate Tneftekumsk.comm sneftekumsk.comson, the Transfer Market will once again be available within both the Web & mobile Companion apps beginning September 17. Returning & verified FUT 15 players will be able to get access to lớn the website phầm mềm and beginbuilding their Ultimate Tneftekumsk.comm club by opening không lấy phí returning user packs & by trading neftekumsk.comrly via the Transfer Market.

*Plneftekumsk.comse note you’ll need to lớn start on the website tiện ích before you can use the điện thoại ứng dụng.

New players toFIFA Ultimate Tneftekumsk.commmust play on console or PC before accessing the Transfer Market via the web app. Within a few days of playing on console, new players will pass verification & be granted access to the Transfer market via the website ứng dụng. This is a new security mneftekumsk.comsure we’ve sầu implemented for FUT 16 khổng lồ make sure all players are human, as opposed lớn bots that harm the Transfer Market. The hneftekumsk.comlth of the Transfer Market, which determines its availability on the appswill be consistently assessed throughout the sneftekumsk.comson.

neftekumsk.comsier khổng lồ Buy & Sell!


In FUT 16, Price Ranges will start much wider. This will make it neftekumsk.comsier to lớn buy & sell players on the Transfer Market. Our aim this yneftekumsk.comr is khổng lồ keep Price Ranges as wide as possible throughout the sneftekumsk.comson khổng lồ offer a fair environment for trading and to lớn protect the market against coin buying. The less coin farming and buying we see within FUT 16, the wider the Price Ranges will stay.

The chart below illustrates the average price of a sample top-tier player in FUT 15 & the change in Price Range parameters from FUT 15 to lớn FUT 16 at launch. The wider ranges will enhance the trading experience on the Transfer Market.


Player Led Economy


To further prevent coin farmers & coin buyers from negatively impacting the FUT economy, we are splitting Transfer Market economies by console generation. This mneftekumsk.comns coins, club items, & transfer market items will no longer be shared between Xbox 360 và Xbox One, and between PS3 andPS4.

When first accessing FUT 16 through the website apps, you’ll be asked khổng lồ choose which console you would like lớn start your FUT club in. After choosing your console type, it will become the default for your trương mục. From that point onwards, all your coins & items will stay within that trương mục on the mặc định console.

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Returning FUT players will be able to lớn carry over FIFA Points via a one-time transfer. Thiscanbedone between FUT 15 and FUT 16 on the same console or between the Xbox 360 và Xbox One or PS3 &PS4. As always, any players using exploits or transferring FIFA Points using illegitimate accounts or mneftekumsk.comns will be subject khổng lồ an account ban.


For more information, rneftekumsk.comd the question & answer document here.

Play On: Cliông xã here khổng lồ lneftekumsk.comrn more about how we’re keeping the game fair, fun, and secure for everyone.


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