the pattern of curved lines on the end of a finger or thumb that is different in every person, or a mark left by this pattern:

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Jurists frequently relied on confessions to lớn validate the scientific basis of latent fingerprint identification.
Proponents of this approach might claim that in many ways this is similar to the advent of fingerprint files.
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The band definition was adequate for confident visual comparison of the fingerprints located on the same or on different agarose gels.
They saw fingerprinting as a potentially "universal" method of personal identification, which might find myriad applications in banking, insurance, government, interpersonal relations, and even science.
The general introduction is a mixture of well-known facts & recent developments, ranging from plot measurements lớn fingerprinting.
Their asymptotic, far-wake, phase velocities are the same but the waves keep a fingerprint of their passing through the near-wake region.
In the latter case, however, individual genes have sầu not been isolated but the environmental independence of fingerprints allows analysis based solely on phenotype.

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I vày not deny the possibility of such attempts, but it remains questionable whether fingerprinting had the same value as photography for colonial social typology.
The fingerprints were scored by inspection of the lane intensity curves lớn detect presence or absence of bands independent of intensity.
This represented a decisive sầu repudiation of the "point counting" methodology which has dominated the practice of fingerprint identification for almost a century.




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