Footwear Là Gì

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Simple modifications lớn the patient"s own footwear include shoe raises to lớn correct leg-length discrepancy, a frequent cause of back và leg pain.
Other environmental samples included soil, debris from footwear used at the camp and from the climbing tower.
As we have seen, the report blamed parents for the state of the evacuees" footwear và clothing, & recommended needlework classes in schools.
This indicates the importance for the correct use of the hygiene gate và the decontamination of footwear.
She notes the possibility that the footwear evidence might be explicable solely (pardon my pun) in terms of males.
The high prevalence of hookworm is either an indication of poverty (inability khổng lồ purchase protective sầu footwear) or ignorance of hookworm transmission.
Much information can be gathered from watching the patient mobilize, noting what aids are required, and from assessing gait & footwear.
Footwear that fits well and which allows proper grip and feeling was discussed as desirable by the sample.
This is a positive sầu input đầu vào in dynamising the footwear sector và introducing it to lớn new ideas in the business.

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