Todd grew up in the produce business and began his career as a teenager, with his father in banamãng cầu sales. Through the years, Todd has also sold avocados, Asian pears, grapes, kiwis, cantaloupes, stone fruits, mangoes & tomatoes. Todd is responsible for our day-to-day sales operations, as well as long-range planning and strategy. He has been with Index Fresh since 1996.

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Though he was born on the Island of Oahu to lớn a Marine Corp. family, John has spent the majority of his life in Southern California. John’s greachạy thử goal is to lớn connect with customers who might not be getting the focus they deserve, and he welcomes dialogue with anyone interested in learning more about Index Fresh. John says, “The most rewarding part of my job is when a customer tells me that I added value lớn his or her business. That’s a day well done!”


Debbie Willmann Director of Sales

Debbie has been with Index Fresh for over 25 years. She started in the accounting dept. After working on the APhường, AR và Grower accounting desks she transferred into lớn the sales office in 1995. Debbie has described this move sầu as one of the best opportunities she’s ever had. Debbie values not only the business she does with her customers, but the relationships that have been developed over the years. She is responsible for a number of our retail, club store, foodservice & wholesale accounts nationwide.

Bobby (Robert) Fingerlin Sales and Business Development

Bobby was born in New Jersey but moved to Southern California at a young age. He started at Index Fresh in 2015 as a Sales Account Manager và brings with him 5 years of experience in Sales. Bobby is eager to lớn develop business in the North East while providing excellent customer service khổng lồ current & new clients. “I am grateful lớn be a part of such a knowledgeable team and look forward to tending to my customers’ needs during my career at Index Fresh,” shares Bobby.
Susie Rea Sales and Business Development

Susie was born in Chicago, Illinois và as a child lived in La Jolla, Ca. Growing up on the coast she spent much of her time on the beach and playing tennis.

Her earliest professional accomplishments began in the restaurant business where she worked in every facet of the business. A family member introduced her to the produce business in the late 90’s because they believed that with her ability lớn work well under pressure & the fact that she excelled in fast-paced environments, she would be an asmix to lớn the industry.

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She is bilingual (English/Spanish), has strong interpersonal skills và is a creative problem-solver with a positive sầu attitude when faced with obstacles.

Her extensive sầu experience conducting business between Mexico/U.S., coupled with her commitment to work tirelessly lớn underst& customers’ needs has lead her lớn have sầu a highly successful career in produce.

Susie is an unshakable optimist who finds fulfillment when those that come into lớn liên hệ with her are inspired to become the best versions of themselves one day at a time!

Jessica Magdaleno joined Index Fresh with six years of prior industry experience, including account management positions in retail chain & foodservice produce. She is responsible for inventory control, and account management. Her organizational skills and her commitment to delivering superior customer service are traits that she brings khổng lồ the Index Fresh team. Jessica understands the issues related to lớn packing & delivery of perishable fruits và the narrow window of time that is allowed for avocados to lớn be delivered fresh to customers. “I want lớn be on point with all the details of avocavị delivery lớn our customers,” says Jessica. “I want to bring our customers, & Index Fresh, more value through the quality of my work.”

Belle joined the Index Fresh team in the accounting department, January of 2010. Soon after, she transitioned inkhổng lồ the freight department, where she worked with the sales team lớn ensure all customer’s needs were met. In addition, she managed inventory in our outside distribution & preconditioning centers across the country. She ensured inventory was properly rotated on a first-in-first-out basis. In May of năm ngoái, she was promoted lớn Account Manager. She is very knowledgeable about the company, and understands customer’s high demands & needs. She will continue in her efforts to help expand the company’s business as well as provide additional support to lớn the sales team và to lớn customers.

Recently graduating from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona’s Agribusiness Program, Erika was ready khổng lồ begin her career in produce. She joined the Index Fresh team in August 2016 as a Dem& Planner. She was responsible for fulfilling orders và supporting the day khổng lồ day business. She was promoted to lớn Account Manager in December 2017. Her familiarity with our customer needs and her eagerness lớn grow has opened the door to her next venture with the sales team. She will maintain great customer relationships while providing excellent customer service. Erika will ensure further growth và success of Index Fresh.