Evilbane: rise of ravens android app in the google play store

EvilBane: Reboot was a điện thoại hack-n-slash action MMORPG that features console-unique 3 chiều graphics và brutal combat with tons of loot to unearth. Progress through the game"s voice-acted story to lớn save the kingdom, collect loot, and become the strongest warrior in the l&.

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Publisher: NetmarbleType: Smartphone MMORPGRelease Date: April 6, 2016Shut Down: April 13, 2018Pros: +Great 3D graphics. +Tons of content. +Variety of abilities to unleash.Cons: -Pay-to-win elements. -PvPhường rankings never reset. -Repetitive gameplay.


EvilBane: Reboot Overview

EvilBane: Reboot, previously called EvilBane: Rise of the Ravens was a sản phẩm điện thoại action MMO where players take the role of a disciple of Dominion, a famous warrior who suspects the current era of peace is nearing its end. Attacked by Lucifer while visiting the queen, the player must afterwards travel far và wide across the lvà on their quest for peace and vengeance. Control one of three characters: Luke, a balanced anh hùng, Khara, an agile assassin, or Vango, a slow và powerful brute, and freely swap between them during the game"s chiến dịch khổng lồ evenly cấp độ each one. Take on a variety of dungeons and discover powerful raid bosses to lớn fight as a group, collecting thousands of loot drops which can be upgraded, combined, & limit broken khổng lồ increase battle rating. Players can also enter the game"s arenas or guild vs. guild battles for a challenge, fighting for the top spots on the ranking board.

EvilBane: Reboot Key Features:

Three Playable Characters– choose from three swappable characters: Luke, Khara, or Vango, each with their own abilities that are dependent on the type of weapon equipped.

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Customizable Gear – collect mountains of gear và use the game"s crafting system lớn customize each piece of equipment"s stats và value.Console-Quality Graphics – fight hordes of monsters in a detailed, colorful 3 chiều world similar lớn games found on PS3.Dungeons & Raids – take a break from the game"s campaign to pillage dungeons and fight strong trùm monsters with a full party of players.Arena và Guild vs. Guild – fight for the top of the ranking ladder in the game"s PvP arenas và its guild vs. guild combat.

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