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an electrical device that consists of a part that fits over a person"s ears & a part inkhổng lồ which the person can speak, used for communicating over a telephone or by radio without using the hands
a piece of equipment worn on the head that allows someone to hear sound when using a phone, music, or computer system. Headsets sometimes have sầu a microphone (= a part you speak into):
But no matter how many monitors, headsets và leads were on display in these rooms, the medium in which teachers và pupils worked was sound.
I"m sure this was caused by the physical act of walking, which invites you to lớn merge your experience, your narrative, with those of the stories you hear on the headset.
As headsets take such a low priority nowadays, many patients are encouraged khổng lồ bring their own headsets and transistor radquả táo with them into hospital.
Often people visiting hospitals ask whether they can tune in khổng lồ the hospital radio station on their own headsets.
I think in particular of developments in what is called "virtual reality", in which three-dimensional images can be created by computer & projected through a special headset.
Since 1991 any risk of hearing damage has been limited by the kiến thiết of headsets &, although sudden noises may startle the operator, they are unlikely khổng lồ be harmful.
To ensure a headset can properly pair with a telephone, telephone adapters or pin-alignment adapters are available.
Telephone headsets are monaural, even for double-earpiece designs, because telephone offers only single-channel đầu vào và output.

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Audience members sit in a circle và wear audio headsets, through which they listen to lớn the charismatic leader"s voice and sound effects.
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