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The AONT-1534 has been optimized for residential homes forproviding triple play Broadband services that also require RF đoạn Clip.

Advanced GPON technology

The AONT-1534 is fully FSAN (ITU-T G.984) compliant 2.488 Gbpsdownstream và 1.244 Gbps upstream GPON systems.

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Quality of Service

The AONT-1534 supports extensive sầu QoS features, including 802.3x -flow control, DSCP.. to lớn 802.1p mapping, upstream congestioncontrol, & downstream traffic scheduling for premium or timesensitive sầu content. Intelligent và robust buffer and queuemanagement for Ethernet traffic, with individual prioritized queues,ensures that tiered service offerings based on different bit-rates andQoS can be readily supported. Gateway

TThe AONT-1534 contains both wire-speed L2 switch and L3 routinggateway with port forwarding, NAT & NAPT address translation,built-in PPPoE support for HSI, và an integrated stateful packetinspection (SPI) firewall with a configurable access control danh mục (ACL)& application-cấp độ gateway (ALG). Support for VPN (L2TPhường, PPTPand IPSec) pass through is also provided. Included as part of thegateway function are DHCP client, DHCP server & DNS server forIPv4 and IPv6.

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TThe AONT-1534 comes with the latest security features, includingMAC address spoofing protection, MAC/IP.. address port binding,per-port access control danh mục (ACL) based on port, MAC address andEther-type, DoS prevention và wireless encryption protocols suchas WEPhường và the more secure WPA/WPA2.

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ITU-T G.984 và G.988 compliant, BBF.247 ready BBF TR.156 N:1 (E-Tree), 1:1 (E-Line) and ELAN VLAN Model compliant Indoor wall or table mount Four 10/100/1000Base-T Ethernet RJ-45 ports Two FXS POTS ATA RJ-11 ports Two USB 2.0 Host ports Wi-Fi Access Point (AP) 802.11b/g/n 2Tx2R MIMO 2.4GHz Wi-Fi interface One coaxial F-connector RF video port Configurable for either Ethernet Bridged mode or Gateway Routed mode operation Built-in L2 wire-tốc độ switch with dynamic bridging, 4k VLANs (Untagged, Priority tagged, Port based, 802.1q single tagged, 802.1ad (Q-in-Q) double tagged) ToS/DSCPhường to lớn 802.1p mapping Flexible traffic mapping, policing và shaping VoIPhường features: SIPhường., multiple voice codecs, T.30 & T.38 Fax, various CLASS services Supports feature rich VoIP. application profiles for Caller ID, gọi progress, call Waiting, Gọi Direct, and Điện thoại tư vấn presentation Integrated router with features such as IPv4, IPv6, IPoE, PPPoE, NAT, DHCP, DNS, IPhường Filtering, IPhường forwarding, Static IP routing, IP QoS and Firewall Supports dual software image - working image & alternative image for image rollbachồng Serial number or ID & password based activation và authentication IGMPv2/v3 (IPv4) và MLDv2 (IPv6) snooping, proxy and filtering, 256 multicast groups Web based GUI for local provisioning and software tăng cấp Dual managed by ITU-T G.988 OMCI and/or remote management functions as TR-069 and Telnet for provisioning, diagnostics, monitoring, and software nâng cấp Battery Backup ready with an 8-pin (4x2) "UPS" connector on rear ON/OFF và factory default RESET pushbuttons

Flexible Management

The AONT-1534 is managed from the AOLT-4000 & AOLT-4200 OLTvia GPON"s OMC channel and if required via TR-069. The AOLT inturn is managed with either neftekumsk.com"s AEMS (Element ManagementSystem) that provides configuration, protệp tin based provisioning,event và fault management and performance monitoring for theAONT, or with a 3rd tiệc nhỏ NMS via northbound interface.

Standard: Fully ITU-T G.984 and G.988 compliant Line rate: Downstream: 2.488 Gbps; Upstream: 1.244 Gbps Connector: SC/APC, single-mode-fiber; Labeled "PON" Link Budget: 28 dB (Class B+) ITU G.984.2 Amd1 Wavelength: Transmit: 1310+/-20nm; Receive: 1490+/-10nm Tx Output power: +0.5 to lớn +5.0 dBm mean launch power Rx Sensitivity: -27dBm (at 10 dB extinction ratio w/FEC off) Rx Overload: - 8 dBm Distance: up to lớn 60 km (depending on split ratio và fiber loss) OLS/OTM: G.984.2Amd2 incl. RX & TX power, dying gasp TC layer: AES (128-bit key), US và DS FEC RS(255,239) DBA : DBRu mode 0 & mode 1SR GEM port-IDs: up to lớn 256, Flexible mapping between T-CONT & GEM port, Multicast GEM T-CONT: Type 1-5, up to 64, 8 queues per T-CONT
Type Four GE ports; RJ-45 connectors CAT5E, 100m(328ft); labeled "GE1", "GE2", "GE3" and"GE4" Standard IEEE 802.3, 802.3u, 802.3ab, IEEE 802.3az, 802.3x Link 10/100/1000Base-T with rate và full/half-duplexauto-negotiation và MDI/MDIX auto-sensing MTU max. form size 2,000 Byte maximum per IEEE802.3as

Voice/Fax interface

Type Two POTS FXS ports Connector RJ-11 connectors; Labeled "POTS1" and "POTS2" FXS 5 REN per port, loop start, balanced andunbalanced ringing, configurable tones,country specific impedance, DTMF dialing,CLIP.., Hook flash detection, Metallic LoopTesting (MLT), etc.


AC Adapter Input: 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz Output: 12VDC,1.5A DC Connector 2-pin Barrel connector Switch Power ON/OFF pushbutton on rear Power nguồn (Max) ~13.5 watts Battery Backup 8-pin (4x2) "UPS" connector for connectingBattery Backup power supply w/On Battery,Battery Low, Battery Fail and Battery Missingindication


Type Stateful packet inspection (SPI) pass/block Filtering DoS attachồng prevention, IP source/destination, TCP/UDP.. port source/destination, MAC source ALGs FTPhường., SIP, H.323, RSTPhường VPN PPTP, L2TP, IPSec pass-through Access Control DMZ, Parental Controls


Protocols SSIP. (RFC3261), SDP (RFC2327), RTP/RTCP (RFC3550/3605), RFC3611**, RFC2198**, DTMF & Tones (RFC283) Class Features CLASS features- caller ID, Call transfer, callforwarding, Điện thoại tư vấn hold, Gọi park and pickup, Hotline waiting, MWI, 3-way conference, etc. Codec ITU-T G.711 (μ và a-law), G.722, G.723.1, G.729a/b, emang lại cancellation, jitter buffer, voice activity detection (VAD), silence suppression, comfort noise generation (CNG), voice modem bypass Fax ITU-T T.30, T.38 FoIPhường., Fax Relay, Fax by-pass IP. address DHCP client or static IPhường configuration Interop (IOP) Proven with major soft switch, gateways, IP-PBXs

IPv6 support

Mode Dual stack lite, 6rd
Bridging 802.1d STP transparent bridging, 512 MAC table, MAC aging timer, UNI port MAC limit, MAC Filters US Rate Limiting Broadcast/multicast, unknown multicast & DLF VLAN Model TR-156 1:1 và N:1, Transparent LAN Service (TLS); VLAN 4,095 VLANs (2-4094), Untagged, Priority tagged, Port based, 802.1q Single tagged, 802.1ad (Q-in-Q) Double tagged, VLAN ID translation VLANs per portMulticast up khổng lồ 32 configurable VLAN IDs per ONT/port IGMPv2/v3 & MLDv2 snooping, 256 multicast groups, 8 clients, 32 simultaneous flows/client QoS US: 802.1p TCI, 802.1q CoS, per port IPhường ToS/DSCPhường (Classification) to lớn 802.1p mapping/re-marking; DS: per GEM port SchedulingCongestion SPhường, WRR, SP+WRR, 8 queues per T-cont PAUSE frame, support tail-drop, tư vấn rate-limiting per port OAM Stats, PMs, GEM &UNI port loopbaông xã, 802.Lag**


Temperature 0 lớn 50 ºC Storage -40 ºC to 65 ºC Humidity (RH) 5% to lớn 95% non-condensing Weight 0.640kilogam Mounting Wall, table/desktop or under table/desk LED Indicators 11 LEDs - PWR, BAT, ALARM, WAN, DATA, LINK4, LINK3, LINK1, VOICE2, VOICE1 Switches ON/OFF Pushbutton on rear, Recessed "RESET" push button on rear Battery Backup 8-pin (4x2) "UPS" connector UPS Connector w/On Battery, Battery Low ,Battery Fail and Battery Missing indication

Gateway features for IPv4 & IPv6

WAN PPPoE, DHCP client or static IPhường, NAT/NAPT, portforwarding, port triggering LAN DHCPhường. VPS and relay agent, DHCPhường option 60,DNS relay Routing RIP. v1/v2 và static IPhường routing

Secure Management

Local Web based GUI Remote G.984.4/988 OMCI, G.984 PLOAM, Telnet, TR-069 Image upgrade Supports firmware tăng cấp via remote server Image Restore Holds a working image & alternative sầu image Authorization Secure ONT registration - ONT serial number,PLOAM password

Regulatory Compliance

Certification CE (Conformibửa Européenne) Compliant EMC / EMI EN300 386 EMC Emissions EN55022, CISPR-22 Class B EMC Immunity Radiated RF: EN/IEC61000-4-3(2002) màn chơi 2 Conducted RF: EN/IEC61000-4-6(2001) level 2 Safety EN/IEC60950-1/UL60950 laze safety IEC60825-1 Class 1 laser safety per G.664 Transient EN/IEC61000-4-4(2001) màn chơi 2 Surge EN/IEC61000-4-5(2001) 0.5 KV (line), 1.5 KV (earth)ESD EN/IEC61000-4-2(2001) tương tác màn chơi 2, air discharge màn chơi 3Energy Broadband Equipment Code of Conduct (2008) Hazardous RoHS6, WEEE

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