Ke'bryan hayes hits a home run but doesn't touch first base, breakdown

Pittsburgh’s Ke’Bryan Hayes pulled off something Tuesday night that we don’t see every day – or really any day – in a professional baseball game – he hit a trang chính run off the Dodgers and then was called out because he didn’t touch first base while rounding the bases.

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Seriously, that really happened.

Hayes hit the homer off Walker Buehler in the first inning in Pittsburgh. The ball went down the line & hit off the foul pole và was cchiến bại to lớn not being a home run at all. Hayes sprinted around first base thinking it might not have been gone, but he literally ran around first base, which you can’t vị.

The Dodgers challenged the play & Hayes was ruled out. Chechồng this out:

Something you don't see every day!

Ke'Bryan Hayes hit a home page run for the Pirates, but missed first base. The #Dodgers challenged and won. Hayes is out!

— Blake Harris (
BlakeHarrisTBLA) June 8, 2021

I’ve NEVER seen that before.

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This came almost two weeks after the Pirates had another embarrassing mistake at first base.

Twitter had plenty for reactions.

Brutal. KeBryan Hayes hit a HR except he missed first base.

HR doesn’t count & he’s called out.

— Danny Vietti (
DannyVietti) June 8, 2021

Will Craig KeBryan Hayes