Học C# Trong 21 Ngày

The complete C Programing Course for Beginners, this course teaches you the fundamentals of a programing language. After completed, you will be able to move from the basics lớn more advanced course.

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Overview of C language:

The C language is a language that has existed for a long time, the imperative sầu language was born in the early 70s.The C language is a structured language & is classified as a third-cấp độ language (a higher-level language than the machine language và lower than the object-oriented language - level 4).The C language is not only popular in writing applications. It is also a very effective sầu language for writing system software.Originally developed by Dennis Ritchie to lớn develop the UNIX programming system at Bell Labs.Large operating systems Windows, Linux, ... are influenced by the C language.

Application of C language:

Operating system.


The C programming language can be used to lớn design system software. Such as operating systems and compilers. Writing UNIX operating system scripts is the primary purpose of creating C. The C language is an integral part of the development process of many operating systems. Unix-Kernel, utilities và applications for the Microsoft Windows operating system and a large portion of the Android operating system were all scripted in C.

Develop new languages.

The second application of c language is that it is the basis for new language development. Because it has a direct or indirect impact on the development of many languages ​​including C ++ with C classes, C #, D, Java, Limbo, JavaScript, Perl, UNIX"s C Shell, PHPhường và Python and Verilog. These languages ​​use C in mutability: for example, in Pythuôn. C is used lớn build standard libraries. While other languages ​​such as C ++, Perl & PHPhường have sầu a C-based syntax và control structure, it is therefore called the "grandfather" of programming languages.

Calculation platkhung.

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The C language implements algorithms và data structures quickly. Facilitates faster calculations in programs. This has allowed the use of C in applications requiring higher levels of computation such as MATLAB and Mathematica.

Embedded System.

The features of C include direct access khổng lồ the machine"s hardware API, the presence of the C compiler. In addition, C programming also uses resource identification and dynamic memory allocation. C language becomes the optimal choice for applications và drivers of embedded systems.

Graphics & games.

In addition to the above sầu applications, the C language is also used in graphics and game programming. It has been used to develop a wide range of graphics & gaming applications, such as chess, bouncing balls, archery, etc.

So we can see that language has been around for a long time, but its applications & popularity are still great. With its wide range of features & applications, C programming is still a "veteran" in the programming industry.

What will students get in the course:

Underst& the usage of C language:Know how to lớn add libraries.Know how to declare variables.Know how lớn import và export data.Underst& how iteration works (In C as well as other languages):For loop.While loop, do-while.Underst& the basic structure of a programming language:Array structure.String structure.Familiarize yourself with some basic algorithms,Know how lớn write functions.Familiarize yourself with recursive sầu algorithms.