be trang chủ & dry

To have sầu successfully completed something, as a project or activity.

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Primarily heard in UK. I just need one more source for this essay và then I"ll be home and dry.See also: &, dry, home

home page & dry

Assuredly successful. Primarily heard in UK. I"m pretty sure I did well on that last exam, so it looks lượt thích I"m trang chủ và dry for the semester.See also: và, dry, home

trang chủ & dry

mainly BRITISHCOMMON If you are home page and dry, you have achieved victory or success, or are certain that you will achieve it. She"s nine seconds up on anyone else — she has lớn be trang chính & dry. There are still three weeks to lớn election day & the Labour candidate is not yet trang chính and dry.

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Note: You can also say that someone is home & hosed. His team looks home and hosed for the next round after winning 5-0 against the Czech side. Note: These expressions may refer khổng lồ a long-distance runner who wins comfortably và has already washed by the time the others reach the finishing line. See also: and, dry, home

trang chủ & dry

successful in achieving your objective sầu. chiefly British A fuller version of this phrase, which dates from the mid 20th century, is home page & dry on the pig"s baông xã .See also: &, dry, home

home & ˈdry

(British English) (American English trang chủ ˈfree) in a safe or good position because you have successfully completed or won something: When we’ve sầu won four out of six games, we’ll know that we’re trang chính and dry. ♢ All they have sầu to do is sign the contract và then we’ll be trang chính không tính tiền.See also: and, dry, homeSee also:

be trang chính and dry

succeed at something & not expect any further problems: "I"m glad we"ve got that new client. We"re home & dry now."
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